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“Zombieland” A Notblueatall Review


Last night I saw an advanced screening of the new film, “Zombieland” starring Woody Harelson & Jesse Eisenberg (also starring, because there’s only four characters in the thing: Emma Stone {from Superbad!} and Abigail Breslin). I went into this film expecting nothing! I figured if it was terrible my friends and I would enjoy tearing it a new one afterwards over dessert. If it was good, yay! As it turned out, the movie was pretty f-ing good! I mean, the only scary part (if you can call it that) was at the beginning of the film.

I would actually like to acknowledge the clever mood trickery at the start of the film, too! You go into it think it’s going to be ____ type of experience, but then it switches it up again…and again! I say bravo! It was sutble, but kept you guessing for a couple minutes and I liked that! The opening credits were well crafted as well. A lovely smow-motion slideshow of would-be action shots full of all of the blood and gore we horror fans enjoy. There were many hoots/hollers/whoops and of course claps and laughter at the various scenes of brutality crawling across the screen.

While I’m not a huge fan of their little tagline, “Nut up or Shut up!” I did enjoy most of the humor in the movie. I have one major beef though (aside from the sexist BS that is the “nut up” thing): Fat Jokes! I mean, straight from the beginning of the film where the “Columbus” character is explaining his list of rules for survival. He straight up says that fatties were the first to be devoured by zombies because, yeah, they can’t run. Nice–Not! I mean, with all of the other rules on the list, you really don’t think fat people are smart enough to somehow outwit a zombie? Yeah, whomever wrote those jokes (only two parts really) is a lazy-ass writer! For real tho!

Beyond the immature jokes and Woody Harrelson’s “Tallahassee” character’s strange enthusiasm for twinkies (ironic given the fat jokes, yes? So that character can eat garbage, but the fat, for whatever reason somehow deserve to be killed simply for their looks?) the movie was downright good. I rarely say this since I always find flaws, but I was thoroughly entertained for the full 80 Mins (it feels a lot longer). I loved Emma Stone in “Superbad” and enjoyed her smouldering hotness in this movie, too. Abigail Breslin also delivers a good/fair performance.

Now there is some hilariously awesome shit at some point in the movie, but it’s so good (at least it was for me, I still giggle at the thought) that I refuse to ruin it! Seriously…there were parts that made that movie so good for me. My friends enjoyed it, too. We all had a good time and really, isn’t that why we all go to the movies at all?

Now this weekend is packed full of attractive new releases and I for one shall be seeing “Capitolism: A Love Story” & “Whip It” because I love both directors dearly and trust that they have put forth a fine product for my consumption. I will of course write reviews for them, but please be patient, Darlings, this business of mine is demanding so much of my attention. Take care! 

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