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TMI Tuesday!!!


This TMI Tuesday post is a review of a Sex Toy! If this doesn’t interest you, you’d rather not know about my sex life or toy preference, or you’re at work and don’t wanna get in trouble, do come back tomorrow for your regularly scheduled random fatty talk right here on my blog-a-ma-thing. Thanks! <3








Every time I go to Good Vibrations in San Francisco, I try to buy something. To support them, to support my sexual well being and well, it’s an awesome place to shop. I find it hard not to look around and grab a little something before I leave. There are a bunch of reasons to go to and support Good Vibrations, but you can find those at the linky there. Today I wanted to talk about the latest toy I purchased.

The C-Spot Vibrator - Click to enlarge
Meet “C-Spot”: The C-Spot has a very special job indeed — its main function is as a clit stimulator, and wow, is it good at its job! Long and thin, the head is angled for the perfect fit on your clit. Slim enough to fit in between bodies during partnered sex, this little vibe also provides an extended reach for folks with disabilities. Not limited to external fun, this vibe also makes a great internal G-spot stimulator. Oh, and it’s waterproof too!
For 22 bucks I snagged up this slim and angled toy. It’s basically a schmancy vibrator…except it’s angled and designed in such a way that it can make clit stimulation either solo or with a partner, fun! I waited to share my personal experience because I’d wanted to try it with a partner and it took me a few days to buy AAA batteries, I thought I had some. Ha-ha!
I’ve tried other schmancy vibes before and they all have their qualities and faults. I had not tried to use them during partner sex and hadn’t even considered it due to my frustrations at the design of said toys. The “C-Spot”, however, did surprise me! For one thing, it’s SLIM! I wouldn’t really recommend it for insertion/penetrative play at all. It just wouldn’t do  much. For masturbating it is perfection! Just the right amount of vibration, not too strong or too weak. I’ve had both ends of that spectrum and would prefer the middle ground. And the “C-Spot” does have an easy to use speed control. Having said that though, the design of the speed control is a bit funny. If you’ve got your hands in motion, as it were, it’s difficult to adjust the speed without stopping all together and adjusting accordingly. Do that a few times and you could kill the mood. That and if you have any lube on your fingers you may not be able to adjust the dial without wiping/drying them first.
Okay, now let’s talk about using this bad boy during partner sex! This was my first go at it, actually. I’d used the “C-Spot” on my own once, but then wanted to see if it really was designed for partner play…and it is! It was such a cinch to slip it between us in a modified missionary position, which was tons of fun. And even while on all fours, perfection! I will say that it was a bit difficult at first to find a good spot to put the rounded/angled tip with all of the moving around and all, but once I did: magic! I love the length of this thing, too! I didn’t feel like I had T-Rex arms for once and actually felt I had some room to move around and experiment with it.
So far this is my favorite vibe! I still like/enjoy my “Lucid Dreams” for solo play and g-spot stimulation, but the “C-Spot” is all I need for a quick self-care session and quite fun for partner sex, too! Actually, I just tried out using the “C-Spot” and “Lucid Dreams” together and I have to say: Awesome!!! I have no deal breaking complaints as I did with the “butterfly kiss.” I recommend this toy for anyone with short arms, fatties who have reaching issues like me and those looking for a little extra something while having penetrative sex, too!
As always, I’d love to hear from you! Do you have a favorite toy? Do you use it during partner sex? What made you buy your last toy? It’s TMI Tuesday, so go ahead, lay it on me! <3

TMI Tuesday…It’s Baaaaaack!


Some of you are bummed, but you’re not alone. I’m bummed, too. I love Tank Top Tuesday. But I received no submissions and I am in far from photographic condition at the moment.

Today’s TMI Tuesday topic is Family Shit *TRIGGER WARNING for family politics and lap band discussion*. Specifically, my family shit and recent developments. Nothing not safe for work that I can think of. Please share your thoughts and experiences in comments; as always this is where the action happens! Ha-ha! If you know me, are a member of my family or would simply rather not know about my family issues, I ask that you please come back on another day. Thank you so much! =0)




Some back story: My dad and his wife are fat. This is his second wife. I believe my dad has high blood pressure, cholesterol, not sure what else, but also a very big belly. He’s a school bus driver and believe me the perfect career for him. He loves kids and is a beyond safe driver. His wife has diabetes type 2 and hepatitis, but I’m not sure which type. I have very little contact with them presently due to the endless lies and manipulations I get from his wife and the fact that he goes along with anything and everything she says and does no matter how ridiculous. At one point my entire family did not talk to me for three years and was left out of my sister’s wedding because of her lies. Her story kept changing, too. I kept asking why and I kept getting a new story. I don’t believe that I have ever done anything at all to offend this woman. In fact I let her legally adopt me as an adult as a gesture to her and my dad. Ugh!

So last week I get a bit of a frantic instant message from my sister asking that I talk to our parents because they are being pressured by Kaiser to get the Lap Band in order for them to lose weight. *HeadDesk* I knew they had been considering it and that Kaiser was all gung-ho about it, but hadn’t heard anything in awhile. Also I am not talking to them because of the above bullshit. So I write them an email for my sister and hopefully to give them some informational resources so that they can make an informed decision rather than just doing what they’re being told to do by Kaiser.

I am writing to you out of the blue because my sister is very concerned about both of you possibly getting weight loss surgery/lap band.
I understand that you are both adults and if you want to risk your lives for vanity’s sake, that is your prerogative. But might I ask who will care for you both while you’re recovering? What changes have you made in your lifestyle prior to considering such drastic measures?
You see, people keep dying from these procedures but it’s not in the news because of corporate control. This may sound like a crazy concept, but it’s true. Pharmaceutical companies not only pay a lot of money for their marketing -if only they spent that amount on actual research and trials- but they also sponsor medical schools and hospitals. Kaiser’s “preventative” medicine is a load of garbage. They are preying upon your fears, and it sounds like they are doing fabulously at it.
If you do any research on the subject you’ll find that there is little to no follow up on patients after one year. When they do get in touch you find mostly unhappy and very ill people. People who cannot go a single day without vomiting. People who have had more surgeries as a result of the first. Lap bands slipping or worse, growing in and around organs. People who have had to spent 6-9 months in bed because they can’t manage more.
The truth is that most gain back all of the weight they had originally lost and then some. Top that with the added health issues caused by the procdure and you’re trading this huge risk, your health and possibly your life…for nothing.
Lap Band nor WLS will not cure any of your current health conditions. Don’t believe me? I urge you to check out it’s written by a local expert, Linda Bacon PHD, it has changed my life and improved my health.
That is what this is about, right? HEALTH? Because if it’s for anything else, you’ve been bought/sold/paid for long ago and nothing anyone says will prevent you from doing this. If that is the case, so be it. Just say the word and you won’t hear from me again.
I happen to be a bit of an expert on being fat. Funny thing, I’m also healthy. It’s not an oxymoron. It’s more common than you’ll ever know because we’ve all been marketed into feeling shame and guilt over our bodies by the 64 billion dollar diet industry. I feel no shame or guilt for my body. I’m fat. I’m healthy and happy. Our bodies are not perfect thermodynamic machines. It’s not a case of calories in versus calories out. It’s never been. We are complex masses of neurons and whatnot. If you want to feel better, get healthy and stop hating your bodies? Read “Health At Every Size.” It is not a diet book in any way. It is about listening to and trusting your body to do what it already knows how to do. It is about re-connecting with your own instincts and body and getting to a healthier you.
Doctors in my opinion, are a bunch of ignorant, power-hungry, greedy assholes. They get all of 20-30 hours of nutritional training…I’ve had more than that. They see fat as a disease. Funny, fat people have been around for thousands of years in all areas of the planet in all aspects of class/wealth. Why is it suddenly a disease? Because they changed the Body Mass Index a few years ago and overnight a million people went from normal to overweight or obese. The word obese alone is ignorant and filled with hate. Obese directly translates: To over eat. Yet I don’t over eat. Studies have shown that most fat people <in the medical world will always be known as obese, the bastards> in fact eat less than their average sized peers. What’s up with that?
Stigma. That is what is up with that. Stigma, hate, guilt, shame, ignorance….The American way, no?
In  the end it’s all up to you. But My sister is very upset and wants y’all to live long and healthy lives. Only you can choose the healthy option. Only you can seek the truth underneath all of this bullshit marketing. Once you set back and see it for what it actually is, you’ll see that the problem wasn’t what you were told all along. It was never your fat.
And before you even go there, yes I know that for every “lap band kills” article there is a “OMG my life is awesome because of lap band” article. You  have to get to the actual science/studies. Follow the money/sponsorships and the truth is there.
Some blogs that will help or get you headed in the right direction: 
Anything on this one:
But these would be a good start:
Feel free to hit me up for more links/resources. I have friends who are best selling authors on the subject.
I just hope that you make a fully informed decision.

My dad did not respond, as per usual, his wife did:

Dad appreciates your opinions. But as we said in an earlier email, it is for health reasons & physical reasons, NOT VANITY. I could care less about the damned body mass index. You are right there. It’s a load of crap. What I want is the physical ability to do things I’ve not done in years, square dance, roller skate ( I used to be a very good skater) throw a baseball with Dad & eventually Daniel. I want to reduce my diabetic medications & NOT become insulin dependent. That is important to me. For Dad it’s a day free of knee, back & ankle pain. Fewer pain killers, fewer other daily medications. To be able to NOT hurt walking or going up the stairs of his bus, or even the steps at home.
We will go through the classes we need to attend, get all the information possible & finish the process of education.
And so today I responded with this:

You say it’s for health, but the lap band only makes your stomach smaller. It won’t magically make you lose weight or improve your health. It’s also banned in most European countries due to the horrible “success” rates.

If you feel that you overeat to the point where you lose control, perhaps you should consider seeing a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. Because that is what overeating is. A lap band will not change that. It will make you feel sick, it will make you vomit if you eat even a little too much.

But it will not improve your health or mobility issues AT ALL. If you can’t square dance and things like that now, how do you suppose the lap band will change this? I’m talking about the science part here. How can forcing you to eat less suddenly make you feel better or move around more? Are you prepared for the very long and complicated road to recovery…just to get back to normal?

I urge you to talk to actual people outside of Kaiser who have had this exact procedure and ask them what it feels like, what the recovery is like, what has helped and what has hurt them as a result of getting the lap band.

If you honestly believe you eat so much that the only way you will ever get healthier and become more mobile  /maybe ask yourselves why you stopped doing the things you want to do again in the first place\   please consider a therapist first. They can help you change your relationship with food. Also the book I mentioned in my last email, again, has helped me and so many people regain trust in their bodies and heal their relationship with food.

But please think about this. Because scientifically, it makes no sense at all. Would you restrict and otherwise healthy kidney? Liver? Pancreas? So why your stomach? What has your stomach done to specifically fail you? I just don’t understand the point, ya know?

As for dad’s pain, have you considered eastern medicine? I’ve had wonderful results from acupuncture when I had horrible back pain from a job I once had. I’m going to go back for my knee pain and I have no doubt that it will help. Again, how can restricting your food intake help with this?

Oh, well. I won’t bother you about this again.

It is very frustrating. But I feel a bit of relief having gotten it off my chest a bit. By not talking to them for awhile I realized that I had never told them about fat acceptance/liberation. How could I? My dad freaked out when I told him I couldn’t eat red meat anymore. I mean FREAKED OUT!!! You’d have thought I told him I was a cannibal. So yeah, fat acceptance wasn’t a forthcoming topic. As an activist it was extra hard. I would probably have a much easier time talking to a complete stranger about this stuff, in fact I have and so I know it was. Ha-ha!

I am not really looking for critiques on my above emails since they’ve already been sent. I may have been wrong on some of the info, no worries. They won’t look any further than their own backyard for information. They don’t give a shit about my opinion or facts or science. They have been duped, plain and simple. My issues with them run far deeper than I can get into just now. But getting this lap band shit out in the open will help me. Keeping it to myself has been difficult, especially when so many of you have been so supportive of me through some tough imes. Thank you for that and for being you!


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I am taking submissions from anyone who wants to exercise their right to Bare Arms for future Tank Top Tuesday posts! Email your pics here:, please include the name you’d like in the post, a blog or etsy shop you wanna plug, your thoughts on bare arms or other fatty philosophies. It does not have to be in a tank top, so long as your arms are bare. Have fun with it!

Tank Top Tuesday!!!


Today’s Tank Top Tuesday submission comes from Deeleigh  (of Big Fat Blog fame). She says that this is a draft entry for the NOW Foundation Love Your Body poster contest.

So yeah.  Not only am I wearing a tank top in this picture, I’m wearing one
that’s too tight and that accentuates my belly rolls.  I’m also wearing an
extremely short cotton jersey skirt.

Normally, I’m not that much of a rad fattie when it comes to clothing.
Okay, so I do wear sleeveless tops on a pretty regular basis. I’ve also been
known to wear mini skirts, but only with boots and opaque leggings or
tights.  I am actually pretty careful not to offend people’s sensibilities.
I dance around the “inappropriate” line and I don’t call attention to my size.

A too-tight tank without a bra and with a tiny skirt and no leggings is
definitely over that line.  So, even for a fat woman who is actually not the
world’s shyest, this is really daring for me.

There’s a method to my madness.  I took a series of photos of myself exactly
as described in the text.  No makeup, no attempt to hide “flaws,” no attempt
to play down my size.  I tried to choose lighting and poses that made it
clear that I was fat and that my body wasn’t perfect, but that didn’t quite
cross the line into being ugly to an average viewer.  I wanted to create an
image that would be perceived by most people as beautiful rather than
grotesque, but that didn’t look anything like what we see in entertainment
and advertising.  Of course, some people will have been deeply influenced by
media images and will find it ugly.  I’ve got some other photos I could use…

I guess I’d just like some feedback from the community.  Is the photo doing
what I want it to do?  Any suggestions on the graphic design?  Is the
poem-thingy a good idea, or is it too long or too precious?  Don’t worry,
I’m not particularly attached to any of it, and I’m totally open to
constructive criticism.

I am taking submissions from anyone who wants to exercise their right to Bare Arms for future Tank Top Tuesday posts! Email your pics here:, please include the name you’d like in the post, a blog or etsy shop you wanna plug, your thoughts on bare arms or other fatty philosophies. It does not have to be in a tank top, so long as your arms are bare. Have fun with it!

Also, feel free to still treat comments as TMI topic/discussion/venting area! Feel free to ask TMI questions or just vent/rant about your own stuff. I love it! We all do! =0)

Tank Top Tuesday!!!


This week’s Tank Top Tuesday submission comes from none other than my fabulous friend Jeanette!!! You may have seen her in any of the many pictures I’ve posted on our clubbing adventures. She inspires me and motivates me and I love her for it. She is also a fellow Scorpio lady, which is so nice ’cause I’d never met one before. She just got back from Puerto Rico and I cannot wait to hear all about it! Woo!

I think I started wearing tank tops regularly about three summers ago when I was unemployed and frankly just wanted to be cool and comfortable.  I didn’t really think of it as some form of self acceptance, but I guess it was unconsciously to some degree. It was about being more comfortable.  Prior to this I would occasionally put on a tank top with a skirt for work but would always add a jacket or shrug. I’d get self conscious in meetings if I was sitting close to someone and start wondering what they must be thinking about my arms. Crazy, huh?

I think the summer I started wearing them regularly, it was easier because I was around fewer people. However, when I went back to work, I kept wearing them.  And now they are an absolute staple of my spring, summer, and early fall wardrobe. Why should I be warm and worried about what people think,  when I can be cool and confident? They are just arms, people. We all have them, if we are lucky.

I’ve been learning a lot lately about getting outside of my comfort zone.  I mean four days in a rustic cabin in the Puerto Rican rainforest is not something I do every year, or well ever really!!  Not only did I do it, but I stayed that much cooler by baring my arms!

Sometimes getting comfortable, starts with discomfort. Seems obvious right?

Jeanette blogs at about cooking delish dish for one (or more) and about random other things at


I am taking submissions from anyone who wants to exercise their right to Bare Arms for future Tank Top Tuesday posts! Email your pics here:, please include the name you’d like in the post, a blog or etsy shop you wanna plug, your thoughts on bare arms or other fatty philosophies. It does not have to be in a tank top, so long as your arms are bare. Have fun with it!

Also, feel free to still treat comments as TMI topic/discussion/venting area! Feel free to ask TMI questions or just vent/rant about your own stuff. I love it! We all do! =0)

Tank Top Tuesday!!!


This week’s Today’s Tank Top Tuesday post comes from Bri of! I’m not sure anyone could look happier in a picture:

“The pic is of me (Bri) and my daughter Ruby (now aged 5 in 2 weeks but was 3 1/2 in the pic). We went for a summer’s day drive in the hills about 30 mins away from where we live here in Australia and we ended up at a swimming hole which was where this pic was taken.

Prior to discovering Fat Acceptance I pretty much only wore arm-baring clothing when I was at home or sometimes when camping. If I wore such clothing in public I always wore a shrug or some such.  Nowdays I wear bare arms wherever I feel fit! I am currently working on a tattoo design for my upper arm which will give me even more of a reason to bare arms!”


I am taking submissions from anyone who wants to exercise their right to Bare Arms for future Tank Top Tuesday posts! Email your pics here:, please include the name you’d like in the post, a blog or etsy shop you wanna plug, your thoughts on bare arms or other fatty philosophies. It does not have to be in a tank top, so long as your arms are bare. Have fun with it!

Also, feel free to still treat comments as TMI topic/discussion/venting area! Feel free to ask TMI questions or just vent/rant about your own stuff. I love it! We all do! =0)

Today’s Tank Top Tuesday post comes from

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