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Boys Who Make us Squeel, “Oh Daddy!”


 To honor my new linky over at my fave blog: I thought I’d do a top 5 I haven’t before!

Don’t like what you see (really?!!) or think I left someone out (oh, there’ll be more, this was fun!)? Comment!

1.)Ewan McGregor: He is always my #1! Weather in a suit, a tux, a kilt, a hat or completely naked (yes, please!). He’s not just eye candy though (seriously?!)…an established and excellent actor and a fine scottish gentleman to boot! Who doesn’t love him? I fell madly in love with him upon my first viewing of “Shallow Grave” if you haven’t seen it then you simply must go (run, don’t walk!) to the usual rental or purchase establishment and watch it darling! You’re only depriving yourself of it! The instant I saw his smile? I was a puddle! And then I obsessed over “Trainspotting” for several years (still my #1 movie, evah!). I still think it was his finest…though “Moulin Rouge” would be second I suppose. That voice of his? Oh gawd! It melts my heart! To this day when I think of “Your Song” by Elton John, I hear that first note in Ewan’s voice! *sigh*


2.) Johnny Depp: Is there an actor who chooses more diverse roles that Johnny? I don’t think so. From undercover cop to pirate, from opium fiend to nervous doc…Okay, I have loved Johnny Depp since his “21 Jump Street” days, and that ain’t no lie! You can ask my real daddy! I had the “teenbeat” posters on my walls! I watched it religiously (although, the memories, they fade). And “Nightmare on Elm Street”? Yeah! I loved it and ended up watching all the “Freddy” movies, too! While my love for JD never fades, I do remember seeing the previes for “Benny and Joon” and freaking the hell out because oh my gawd, he looked incredible (and edible!). He took my breath away! And of course in “Gilbert Grape” (although, didn’t love the hair color). Yes, I even saw “Don Juan” in the theatres! (I can’t have been alone! Was that you in the fourth row?) Oh!  Can we talk “Edward Scissorhands!” He said little with his voice but his eyes deserved a damned Oscar for that one! He’s just hawt and a stellar actor and…hey! He and Ewan should start a band! They can call themselves “The Jeans Creamers!” (Ew, maybe not. What would YOU call them?) From skanky to proper, Johnny keeps hittin’ us with his best performances and he WILL get that Oscar one day soon. (And you know I can’t wait for the new “Alice in Wonderland”!!!)

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3.) Jake Gyllenhaal: *drool* Huh? Wha? Oh yeah…Um…Well, there’s no hotter hottie than Jake Gyllenhaal! We all loved him in “Brokeback Mountain” and if you haven’t seen “Donie Darko” you probably should! I don’t know what else to say about him, because I’d much rather look at him (since touching is out of the question, right?)!

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4.) Keanu Reeves: He’s no “Bill and Ted” anymore! Though not one for the big tabloid scandals, this low profile hottie deserves a mention! Again, another fabulous and genuine smile! Those are hard to come by now days. He was brooding and gorgeous in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” and rivetting as “Neo” in the “Matrix” movies. *squee!* He plays bass! Perfect for my mega-hawt celebrity band! Now we just need a drummer!

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5.) Viggo Mortensen: He’ll always be “Aragon” to me! Oh, did I ever fall for him in “The Lord of The Rings”?! Hey! What else are you supposed to do when you always root for the underdog and he’s the hero of the underdogs in a three hour film?! C’mon! But also…did you see that nude fight scene in “Eastern Promises”? Holy shit! That took some balls (and he has ’em!) and serious skill…oh baby!  

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Okay…sorry, I gotta go, um…do…dishes?! Yeah, that’s it! Dishes! Don’t call me for an hour or so…’kay? *giggles*

P.S. if you go to yahoo images and type: hottest male actors, you get this as the first item:

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thought I’d warn ya. What’s a friend for? Ha-ha! 

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