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PodCast: Dedicated Fats Part 5: Super Size (size 30+) Fatshion Options!


PodCast: Dedicated Fats (Yay! We have a name for our podcasts!)
This is part five
The still wonderful Sarah from Not Blue At All blog and Raven of Alternative Fats sat down again to talk about clothing companies for us fatties. This time: we talk companies who carry size 30 and above. We’re so happy to bring you this list of options.

So many companies use the words “size inclusive” and they rarely mean it, the sizes seem to stop at a 28/30, and that is just wrong. There are so many more bodies that deserve/need to have access to clothing that aren’t just under served, but completely ignored. 
We only hope that this list of places can give someone options not just for basics but for fun and sexy things as well. All price ranges are included on this list and talked about during the show.

Episode Guide:

Size Queen Clothing  SQC Etsy shop
Fun vintage fabrics, dresses, skirts, bloomers. Shiny booty shorts.
Plush Cat Style
Dresses, tops, bikinis

Sanctuarie Designs 
Fun stretchy stuff.

Big on Batik
up to 7x/8x

Holy Clothing
5x =60 inch bust

Making It Big
Standard clothing options. Mini beef with their customer service.

Love Your Peaches
Dresses, tops, pants, bathing suits. Generous sizing

Great low cost basics, Pants tops, dresses. Fairly gender neutral
Starts at a 4x up to 10x, check measurements as they seem to be generous sized.

Big Gals Lingerie
Sexy, fun, lingerie, costumes, club clothing, swim wear.
Lots of options up to 12x = about a 36+

Curvy Girl Inc
Lingerie up to 6x on some of their offerings, has a brink on mortar store in San Jose CA.

Lady Grace
Bras in amazing sizes, up to a 42 O. Band sizes up to 54.
Also has extenders and other Bra accessories for better fit and comfort.
The Classic
We talk housewares and that they offer furniture that is for bigger folks, both in width and weigh limits.

Euro styles up to 30 (again check measurements), however their offerings are vast. About 900 items in the size 30 range.

Want to add something?
Have a brand you would like us to talk about?
Some company you want us to try out?
Just want to shoot the shit or whatever, 
please write to:
Let us know what you think!

A Plus Size Review (+ Random Pics!)


First, I would like to thank those of you who have checked on me, reached out for support or to offer support and just the awesome people in my life who keep me going when I forget what the point of everything is. Thank you! I love you! <3

Second, well, I’m doing a bit better. These things (mental health), they come and go unpredictably and also uncontrollably much of the time. I’ve had a few good days and am doing  my absolute best to hang onto this goodness and ride it all the way out! Ha!

I have found that taking pics of randomness and sending them to friends (whether they’re interested in them or not Ha!) helps me feel more real, grounded, connected and so I have been trying to do more of that…Exhibit A:

Not sure why I felt the need to snap some selfies fresh out of the shower, but there it is, so, whatever.


Or this funny puggo who, wait…Does he think he’s babysitting that pig?! I think he does. It’s his favorite toy. *Shrugs*


After having to return nearly all of my recent Torrid order (was supposed to be for my birthday from myself) I treated myself to some comfy Payless loafers yesterday. The plaid ones are Airwalk slippers, the floral-sequin are shoes. Super comfortable! I usually wear an 8W but these are both just regular 8’s. Gotta love their endless BOGO, too!

And now I present to you my review of some plus size knee high socks from SockDreams!

It was the Harvest Rainbow that my beloved Raven bought (and then sent me a pic and insisted they would fit me) that got me excited to try And then a sweet reader-friend sent me a gift certificate out of the blue to lift my spirits and what a lovely surprise that was! Thank you again “T” you’re the sweetest thing! <3

Armed with my gift certificate and a coupon code (code: HauntedStockings for 20% off today 10/20 until midnight PST) I chose four pair of knee high socks from the plus size section (you still have to check each item’s description for measurements but they are there and accurate). They arrived last night and I couldn’t wait to see how they fit! (Click on an image to enlarge.)

For reference, my calves at their largest point measure 22 inches around, just 3 inches above my knee, my thigh measures 30 inches. I also wear a size 8c/w shoe.

The Extraordinary Harvest Rainbow Thigh High went on easy and kept going! The cuff at the top felt like it would go to my thigh, but when I let go it did, too. So I kept them at knee high level and they basically stayed at that point but the cuff kept wanting to fold or roll down. I might make or buy a sock garter for these, but I know I’ll probably only wear them at home so I’m not super worried about it. The colors are lovely!

The Dreamer Diamond Weave was hard to resist and so I totally didn’t! These are thinner and with a finer knit than the rainbow ones, but they stay up much better! I could see wearing these with skirts and boots or dresses or my pajamas! Ha-ha! I really like them. They look nice and feel pretty dang good. I will say that diamond pattern will change as it goes up your calves (see pic), the more it must stretch horizontally the more the pattern will follow.

The M45’s were the tightest and most difficult to get on. I had to really struggle to get it all the way up, but once there it wasn’t going to move! So that’s a good thing I guess. I love the weave of them and hope that they may stretch a bit over time. If not I could always slouch or fold them, no biggie. These would fit a 20 inch calf much better, I’d say. These would fit a larger foot nicely as it was a bit loose until pulled taught.

The Cotton Slouch Sock fit just great! I’m a 90’s gal and so these brought back memories of pegged jean cuffs and pastel slouchy socks from my youth. But these are way better since they go up to just under my knee and still scrunch nicely. These would fit a larger foot nicely as it was a bit loose until pulled taught. These would be great with leggings or boots or skirts or just my underwear! Ain’t no party like a solo undies party…with socks! Wooo! Ha-ha!

All in all I love my entire order! The socks were all very well made and of high quality fibers and weaves. I highly recommend SockDreams if you’ve not been able to find knee high socks for big calves previously, like myself. Fun colors and patterns but lots of basics, too. I have been eyeing their lacy ankle socks but will hold off for now. I can’t wait for the weather to cool off so I can rock these babies on the regular!

Watch out world, these chubby knees will be comin’ at ya! 😛

Thanks again to my fabulous readers and friends. I love hearing from folks from all over! It’s so wonderful to connect with folks and help/support one another. It warms my heart and puts a smile on my face.

Rad Fatty Love,

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The Fattest Lego!




This past weekend I attended a Halloween themed party and was excited to go and to dress up! I rarely have a reason to dress up and cannot always get into the mood of it, but this time I was! I knew what dress I wanted to wear and I bought a sailor cap on eBay for a sailor girl type of look. But the day before the party I realized that I never bought the fabric to make the scarf! D’oh! It was late afternoon and so I looked around my tiny home to see what I could find or cobble together. I recalled seeing a pic on buzzfeed or some other such place about DIY costumes and remember a gal with a lego hat and figured it’d be worth a shot.

With an empty box of tissues and two plastic cups I fashioned the “lego” by tracing and cutting the holes for the cups and then trimming down the cups to fit inside the box. Then I Krazy glued them into place and headed to the craft store for some blue paint. I just grabbed some cheap 89 cent craft acrylic paint from Michael’s and went home and applied many coats of it with a foam craft brush. The next morning I added one last coat (I didn’t want the word Kleenex visible!) and then went about affixing it to a headband. All of my headbands have stuff on them already, flowers or whatever, so I took one I rarely wear but covered it in tape to protect it from paint, just in case. Then I had to find the right position and then used some clear shipping tape and a touch more krazy glue (the tape didn’t want to stick to the paint for some reason) and it was done! IMG_20151010_135107

Next I had to put on my dress and make up! But when I put the dress (Eshakti, from 3 years ago) on the bust was too big! Oops! I’ve had it for ages, but hadn’t worn it (I have the identical dress in red) until that day. I attempted to take it in by hand sewing it on the inside after pinning it but I fucked it up (I don’t know WTF I’m doing!!!) and ended up taking it out again and just wearing it as is. It was fine. But then as I grabbed my make up bag from my bathroom and headed to my little love seat (all of 6-8 steps, mind you) my knee popped out of place and wouldn’t go back in!

I was in horrific pain and tears were streaming down my face. I couldn’t breathe the pain was so sharp! I moaned and grunted and cursed and yelled and my little puggyman didn’t know what the hell to think! But I was too excited for this party and was determined to work this shit out! I hopped the rest of the way to the couch and sat down. I straightened my leg to try to get things aligned and propped it up a bit, too. I massaged it, tried to move my knee cap around, nothing worked. When I went to try to bend the knee again it was just PAINNN!!!! I sounded like an angry wrestler, but I got up and took some Advil and drank some water and dried my face.

I looked down and saw this silly face:


He looked like he had something to say but didn’t manage a peep. Maybe he was cheering me on? Who knows?! I hopped back to my little sofa and stubbornly put some eye make up and lipstick on. Then I snapped a selfie to send to my bff Mychii:


Her reaction was all I needed, “That lip tho!” and grabbed some ice packs and hobbled to my car. In the car I grabbed my pashmina and tied it around my knee to keep the ice pack in place for the long drive (2 hours). But I made it, despite the traffic and construction. I made it and when I walked into the party I was met with a wall of, “SARAAAAAHHHH!!!!” Whoa! I was not expecting that reaction! I was in the right place, yo! I love this little fatty party crew! I asked the hostess with the most-est if she would snap a pic of my outfit for me and here ya go:



Turned out better than I could have imagined. So simple and fun! And it cost me all of a buck! I posted these pics to my facebook and instagram (thanks for suggesting that Mychii!) yesterday and was stunned at the responses. When you spend so much time in your own head, isolated from the world because of PTSD and anxiety and general poverty, you forget what you look like, how others see you or even that you can in fact be seen! I am so glad that I did ask someone to take these pics. I had such a great time and laughed so much my stomach hurt the next day! I may have been in terrible pain, but the incredible people at that party made me forget and feel supported and loved and seen!

I don’t yet know if I’ll be up to going out or dressing up for Halloween on the actual day/night, but I hope this just shows that you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money on a costume to make it awesome and your own! And really, if you have a solid color dress you can do a lot with it! I could have made a crayon hat or a Tardis! So many options! I could have made a cloud hat and been the sky! And hey, I still have my sailor hat so that’s always a backup idea.

And funny thing, the next morning when lil’ puggo woke me up for his breakfast, my knee pain was gone! My knee must have popped back into place while I was asleep. I didn’t even limp the whole day! I don’t know what caused it or fixed it but let’s just hope it doesn’t happen again.

Rad Fatty Love,

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Can we discuss birthdays?


How do you celebrate? How long? Who is a part of the celebration? Who plans? What do you ultimately want out of your birthday?
Screenshot 2015-10-05 at 11.30.17 AM

Every year I get asked what I want to do, what’s the plan, what do I want, and it’s all too fucking much! I’ve had enough absolutely terrible birthdays to know that I can’t expect a thing from anyone unless I plan some shit and invite folks (and sometimes even pay for the whole thing). I can’t do that this time. I can’t. I’m not only broke, I’m beyond the point of broke. I’m depressed. I’ve been out of work longer than I have since my very first lay off in 20o3. Life is just too much and not enough for me at the same time right now. I can’t do a damned this to change this. I have tried everything within my power and knowledge and nothing is happening.

So, yesterday, again, my boyfriend asks me what I want to do for my birthday. I tell him I don’t know. That maybe I don’t want a birthday. “Can I donate it to someone who is worse off than me?” I ask him, with sincerity but I don’t think he got that. It’s just that I was raised to not want thing, to not ask for anything and to not ever have expectations for such things because you’re just shooting yourself in the foot if you do.


I have friends who don’t just have birthdays, they have a birthday week or month long celebrations by their friends and family and it’s amazing to me. How does that happen? Where or when does that start? How can this even be a thing? It seems so foreign to me and yet I see it all of the time.

So why does the mere mention of my birthday give me such a ache?  Why are all of the expectations placed on me? I don’t even know what the fuck to do with my life and now you want me to plan a fucking event? I can’t. I don’t have the money and I don’t have the fucking bandwidth.

The last birthday I spent with my then-husband he asked me a few weeks before while we were walking the dog, “So what do you wanna do for your birthday? What do you want me to get you?” and I responded, perhaps a bit too quickly, “I just want to feel special. That’s it.” and he got me the worst gift ever and even ruined my self-papering day by taking the day off and staying home, not to do anything with me, mind you. UGH! It was heartbreaking and I wish I could say it was the only one like that but it wasn’t. There’s been too many.

I just don’t get all of the expectations and planning and what in the actual fuck?!?!?! Ya know? And I couldn’t remember what I did last year for my birthday (2013’s was amazing and the best in my life but yeah I planned that shit like whoa!) and so I went through my photos from last year. I was depressed and out of work. Oh! Exactly where I am now! How fucking depressing! UGH! I just…I don’t even know what I want or what I want to do or if I want to do anything at all. Part of me wants to hide myself away at home and pretend I don’t even exist that day. Drink a bottle of wine alone and watch my favorite movies and just be drunk and cry. But shit, I do that already! Hardly anything special about that.

And I feel gross asking for anything. Like Anything feels like too much! And I need new tires (plus alignment). I need to get the rear end of my poor car repaired. I have a dentist bill that’s gone unpaid. I have debt (from surviving). I want knee high socks. I want to not feel so lonely all of the time. I want a career. I want stability (sanity). I want to feel good about something again. I want to be who I once was, happy, driven, creative, fun…bionic knees and eyes would be nice, too.

No one can just give me those things. So what do I say? I can’t say anything and everything is too much. My heart feels broken a lot of the time and I can’t even put a finger on why. What I want and need doesn’t exist in my world. It’s everyone for themselves and I’m drowning.

My friends and boyfriend are emotionally supportive, please don’t get me wrong about that. I’m alive because of them. I am ceaselessly grateful for their existence and presence in my life! I just can’t help but wonder what the point of it all is. I don’t know what moves me anymore. I don’t have drive or ambition. I don’t have creativity to lift me out of the deeper funks like I used to. Everything I want is a fantasy, it doesn’t actually exist but inside my own head and even that’s tinged with sadness.

I don’t want to bring others down, either. Everyone’s got it rough right now. I can’t expect others to fill the gaps in my sanity and life in general. I’m lucky I have the existence that I do! If not for the grace of my beloved Raven and the state of California’s unemployment program I would be ass-out on the street, for real.

Screenshot 2015-10-09 at 11.36.52 AM

So what do you do? How do you celebrate your day/week/month of you-ness? What about when times are tough and you’re struggling with just being you?

Rad Fatty Love,

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On a plus size fashion brand’s Facebook page they’d posted some photos of models in their clothing, one featuring a “tutu”, though I’d say it was more just a midi length tulle skirt. I thought they looked great. Sorry I can’t recall the brand, but what won’t get out of my head as much as I wish it would are the comments about the images. “Why would you put a tutu on a fat woman?! Are you insane? No! No one that big should wear a tutu!” and more of the same beneath it. Wow. I was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw those comments. I never read the comments sections on sites I visit, I know better, but these were just displayed beneath the photos but there were a lot more comments not displayed unless you clicked it. I couldn’t avoid it. But it make me sad and angry.

Can we just get one thing straight here?


If something someone else is wearing doesn’t agree with your delicate sensibilities, look the fuck away! Think about something else. Think about your life. Think about how you got to be a horrible and judgmental asshole. Because that’s what someone who says such things is. I saw the same photos and smiled, didn’t have any further thought or reaction until I saw the comments. “The Fashion Police” is not a real thing and is barely even a legitimate show on a barely legitimate cable television channel. (I hate the whole celeb-gossip-love-hate-obsession culture…oh well!) Policing other people’s fashion choices makes you an asshole even if you don’t comment online or say something in person. You’re still an asshole if you think those thoughts because you’re judging them. Stop it! NOW!

It’s easy to get sucked into this frame of mind, I understand. I do. But knowing better means you can do better and you should do better for yourself. How would it be better for you? When you stop judging others you will soon stop judging yourself and feeling a whole lot better in general. Isn’t that nice? I think so. Same goes for lying! It’s like magic! Stop lying to yourself and others and soon you’ll feel freer. It is one thing to not like a certain style for yourself, but you do not get a say about anyone else. You just don’t.

I think the same things in the media that makes us feel about about ourselves and our bodies (and skin, hair, nails, everything in creation…) also makes us feel as though it’s okay for us to hold others to those same standards. (But they aren’t even your standards, they’re just bullshit marketing strategies to make more money. Gross!) Well it’s not okay. It’s not cool. And you need to stop it immediately. You are not better than someone else. You’re just not. None of us are. We’re just humans. Plain and simple. Having a particular preference for something doesn’t mean you are better in any way shape or form. It’s okay to like things, to prefer not to like certain things for yourself, totally fine. Not fine? Pushing your beliefs on others! Duh!

I was especially upset to see fat women hating on other fat women. It breaks my heart in a very deep way. We get so much shit and vitriol flung at us from everyone and everywhere else, can we not just fucking be kind to one another?! At least let folks just be?! Because that’s all I want, let me be my bad ass self! Why should I make room in my life or time or attention span for haters? No one should. If you’re fat you know the shit we deal with. I mean, most women deal with some form of body hate from people (which is such bullshit), but fat folks know the very specific and painful stinging burn we get from the harassment we receive. Why would you do that to a fellow fatty?!?!??!??!!

Hate breeds hate. Plain as. You have the power to stop it within yourself. It is a choice and it’s a shitty one if you’re continuing to judge people. So don’t be that asshole. Be you. Do better. Be kind to yourself because you deserve it and be kind to others because we’re all just shared cosmic energy flowing in and out of this universe and no one has the right to shit on anyone else’s fashion parade! I get enough of that bullshit from reddit loser-trolls, you can do better than that!

I don’t consume media that makes me feel bad about myself. I don’t subscribe to trashing people. I may not like a particular garment but that doesn’t mean that I get a say or an opinion when someone else wants to rock that shit. Do you. Let the rest be. I would LOVE to wear a tutu like the one in that picture! I wish I could afford one. But if I was wearing one and someone said that shit to me they would never hear the end of it.

It takes all types to make this planet go ’round, but it’s up to you to be the best and most authentic you that you can be.

Rad Fatty Love,

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