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You Don’t Have To Like/Believe It All


Catching up on the blogs this afternoon (because, holy crap! I had a very busy day thus far) and came across this post over at (If you don’t regularly read her blog? Get over there and say Hi! You won’t be disappointed.) She had posted about ignoring what you don’t agree with on hers or various blogs and whatnot and keeping what you do like or agree with. Make sense?

I’m at a point with some people in my life where I can love and accept them for who they are and what they do in spite of the fact that they don’t get the whole Fat Acceptance thing. I’m not sure that they would make any effort, even at my request or urging, to consider the facts and possibilities that are a part of FA/SA. I have struggled with this. I have considered dropping them from my life entirely. But that helps no one. Perhaps over time we can come to some sort of agreement or compromise or simply focus on the simple fact that we’re friends and enjoy each other’s company.

Reading Her post about ignoring what you don’t agree with or like? Oh yea, totally struck a chord with me! Ha-ha! It made me rethink my current course of action. I’m not one to sit silently on the side lines and let things happen before me. I like to be a part of the action or to speak up for what I believe is right. So I can choose to ignore the fact that there will always be people in my life who will dish about diet bullshit and while they would never (I hope) suggest such things to me, maybe over time they will realize that there is in fact a reason why I refuse to participate in a discussion on the subject. Maybe one day it will click in their collective heads, just as SilentBeep’s post clicked for me today, and they will actually look into Fat Acceptance and see for themselves what I’ve been going on and on about all of these years.

And the best part of this? We can all still be friends. Now that is a happy ending! =0)

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