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When Life is Hard You Have to Change…


Yesterday my laptop crashed not one, not twice, not even three times. No, my laptop crashed 9 TIMES, yesterday! This isn’t the first time it’s crashed on me, but certainly not so many times in the same day. A few days ago while talking with my special geek, he asked if I’d gotten around to backing it up. “Um…no. I haven’t.” He replied, “Oh, Sarah. You should really back it up, you’ll thank me.” Well, after the fourth crash I actually said out loud, “Okay, _____, I’m backing it up now!” and chuckled to myself. And yes, then I actually did bust out my external hard drive and back that sad old bitch up (she’s like 8 years old or something).

While I was waiting for the old gal to reboot, one of many times, I randomly leaved over to the puggyman and sang, “Hey look at him, I’ll never live that way. That’s okay, their just afraid to change!” and while I seriously doubt he was appreciating my vocal styling during his precious puggy naptime (ie: all of the time), I realized that this was my theme song! It used to be “Come on a my house” by Della Reese, because, c’mon! But now I’m thinking I have an even deeper connection on more levels to Blind Melon’s “Change.” The lyrics are awesome and well, I always did have a crush on Shannon Hoon.

Last night it was just me and the dogs at home and a bottle of two buck Chuck. I cooked a nice dinner* and watched some stuffs on demand and Netflix. It took until this morning for my back up to finish, so I just tried to leave my laptop alone. I can’t say that I was sad specifically, just sort of deflated overall. Anyway, my roommate came home quite late, but I was still up so it wasn’t a big deal. She excitedly explained how she found a balloon on my car and on her friend’s car that was parked across the street. Interesting. I got a big yellow smiley face balloon and her friend got a big pink heart. She was a bit concerned about the whole thing insisting, “Why only those two cars? No one else got balloons! So weird!”

To be honest, normally that would freak me right out, too. I mean, did I tell you about the time my boyfriend sent me flowers?! Ha-ha! That was hilarious, in hindsight, but at the time I was losing my shit! For some reason the balloons didn’t affect me much, good or bad. I thought it was a cool idea/thing to do, but I know folks who would not be happy about getting a Mylar balloon, for environmental reasons. I, however, am fine with it for now. I woke up this morning, forgetting everything in my sleep, and was like, “Whoa! Oh yeah. Huh.” and that was it.  The puggyman was not impressed.

It’s already super hot today and I have zero energy or motivation. My special geek is out of town until I don’t know when, Laura wants to go dancing tonight, I’ll be drinkin’ with the boys tomorrow night and really all I can think about right now is COFFEE!!! Yeah, it’s late, I stayed up until 3 am for no good reason, which means I got up late and wonder what it’s all for. Oh well oh well oh well. It’s Friday and I’m sure once I get the appropriate levels of caffeine and sugar and solid food in my system that I will be excited about something. For now I have to will myself to get up and either make my damned espresso or go out and buy it. Ugh! Such effort! (Okay, so sarcastic, obviously it is a great privilege to even have espresso in my broke-ass life right now.) Head starting to hurt. Oh addiction, you cruel beast!

The Balloon

Note on Balloon "Ha! I made you Smile!" 🙂

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Puggyman don't care

*My dinner consisted of sauteed baby bok choy, 5 minute pine nut couscous and an herbed chicken breast. The beauty part is a trick Raven taught me. Take a frozen chicken breast out of the freezer and lightly oil and season it and place in glass dish in 340 degree oven for 25 minutes, flip and do another 20 or so minutes. You get a perfectly cooked and juicy piece of chicken! No muss, no fuss! Woo! And it was hella tasty!

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