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What do the Motherless Do for Mother’s Day?


Ah Mother’s Day! Another card & flowers made-up holiday. Another chunk of time where jewelry companies spend a lot on marketing the concept that your love for your mother should be apparent to anyone inspecting her new piece of expensive (but probably cheaply made) jewelry. Yep! That’s just how we do things here in the USA. (BARF!)

Look, I’m all for showing the ones I love how I feel, but this whole thing about Mother’s Day is pretty silly to me. It leaves out so many of us who don’t have a mother in our lives. Be it from loss, abandonment, estrangement or another circumstance, not everyone fits into the classic family model. And thank the stars for THAT! Whew! Ha-ha!

I’m not so bitter, though. Every year I make sure my husband sends his mama something fabulously special (and hopefully on-time). I used to get my dad something on M’s Day, but it’s been a long time. And even Father’s day gifts have waned on my behalf (long story). I guess my point in all of this is that it shouldn’t just be Mother’s Day. I mean, I don’t have a child, but I sure as hell take care of people and “babies” (in my world all animals are babies). Yet there’s no Pet Parent Day!

What’s a motherless person to do? Repeat after me: “FUCK IT!” Who cares?! There is no moral obligation to do anything. Oh sure, societal pressure. “FUCK IT!” There is no law that says I/we must celebrate any holiday, let alone one that simply doesn’t apply to us. I don’t celebrate religious holidays because I’m not religious. I don’t need to buy anything for anyone if I don’t want to. I think it’s awesome that there are mothers, period.

I used to know a gal that was childless by choice, but every Mother’s Day she’d send cards out to all her friends that were. Sweet gesture, but unnecessary. Why not just celebrate International Women’s Day? Never heard of it? Hmm…then you missed it because it was March 8th! Somehow it’s so important to celebrate mothers with feverish retail abandon, but not all women? Huh.Okay, fine. “FUCK IT!”

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“What do the Motherless Do for Mother’s Day?”

  1. On May 1st, 2010 at 10:15 am j. Says:

    I would still consider Pet Parents eligible for Mother and Father Day participants. One of the ladies that I used to work with was unable to have kids, so her dogs were her kids. I think it’s a perfectly acceptable substitution.

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