I'm just a fat gal with a blog and an opinion. Well, lots of opinions.



You’ve stumbled onto my brand spakin’ new blog! Yay-you!
So what the hell is this blog all about?
In a word? Art.
I want to talk about, share, discuss, etc…all of the arts!
Fashion, film, music, modern art, cooking/baking, decorating and soooo much more!
(I may throw in the occasional inexplicable eye candy, too).
All of this with a sense of humor and whimsy, of course!
I highly encourage you to comment freely without prejudice or rudeness. Other than that, go for the gusto!
I will say up front that I am proud to be a part of the Fat Acceptance Community (which I will from now on refer to as simply “FA”) and will not tolerate any “trolls” or whatnot making childish remarks about the “LOLZ FAT!” I expect free form discussions on any topic, but again, no rudeness or prejudice. So simple!

My goal is to post five main posts a week with smaller themed posts randomly (thoughts of the day, pics, etc).
Have a suggestion/request? Email me!
Interested in a guest post? Email me!
There is one thing this page is not about: being blue!
I am “Notblueatall” and do my best to remain so. Please, no Debbie-Downers! Ha-ha!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will like what you find here.
(Please bear with me as this is my very first site and I don’t have my links and such up yet.)

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  1. On December 23rd, 2008 at 11:33 am wakkosfriend Says:

    What about Bobby Bitters? HaHa. I like this new site. It’s almost like putting some of our conversations on paper, so to speak.

  2. On December 23rd, 2008 at 11:43 am admin Says:

    True! You know I love talking about this stuff, but I don’t always have the words or time to really organize my thoughts. Thanks for commenting! =0)

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