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Week 3: Bold Colors

I super-fail at this photography challenge thing. So here’s a truly lazy effort on my behalf this sunny Friday…
My most recent eBay victory and what I have dubbed as my “Punk Princess” shoes…

New TUK Womens Pink Bow Flats Size 8
Yes! Flats, peep-toe, bows and lightening bolts! And in the brightest hot pink around! Seriously, I’ve been in a hot pink phase lately and these are way brighter than anything I’ve seen! I wore these yesterday and while they are a bit big (I wear an 8 w generally and these are an 8, but probably could have gone down a half size, not sure) and made my left heel a bit unhappy, they are just to die for! I’m in love! I wore then with jeans (blue denim) and a black top and black headband with a giant flower on it. I wanted the shoes to be the star and for me they totally were.
As for the photography challenge? I dunno. I will try to keep up. I will do my best, but I’m not as committed to these things as I am when I start them. Intentions always being good…eh. What can ya do?
I wish you all a wonderful, fun and safe weekend!

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