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Wall Street: Heist of a Generation


Or at least that’s what I would call it! After reading this article (in the latest issue of Rolling Stone – with U2 on the cover):

Wall Street’s Naked Swindle

A scheme to sell fake stocks helped kill Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers — exposing the counterfeit nature of our entire economy.                   By Matt Taibbi   (Sorry, they used to have links to full articles)

I have become enraged. I hope that you do read it and I hope that you get mad, too! Because no one is stopping these people. No one is even looking for them! It’s ridiculous and wrong and makes my stomach ache! I had the same reaction to Taibbi’s health care article, too. Yet again, nothing’s happening to fix these things. Oh sure it appears that Washington’s doing stuff, but it’s also all a lie!

With those articles and Michael Moore’s latest film “Capitalism: A Love Story” I have made the decision to switch all of my financial accounts to a Credit Union. I don’t know that any impact will be aparent, but it’s something I feel compelled to do. Why have we given so much power, over the entire world economy, to a bunch of greedy losers with some sort of inferiority complex for so long? It’s just plain stupid, but they’re great salesmen without consciences and so we were easily taken. I don’t know that switching to a Credit Union is the ultimate answer either. Certainly if everyone did that the Credfit Unions would have to somehow change to accomodate us all and then become too powerful as well. So what is the solution? I don’t know, but not changing doesn’t seem smart either.

We’ve sat idly by for far too long while these giant corporations (banks) play with our money and turn a simple IOU into fancy derivatives and counterfeit stocks and sell them over and over and over and…and now look at us as a nation! We’re fucked! And our beloved President hired a huge chunk of the people who CAUSED THE FUCKING CRASH!!! WTF?!

My faith in Obama, Gone! My hopes for a more liberal government? Yeah, right! My prospects as a small business owner? Unknown! Obama is good at one thing: Public Speaking! That’s it! That and apparently hiring corrupt dipshits, but I digress. How many people have been laid off as a result of the market crash last year? How many have lost their homes?

How many have been destroyed at the hands of these monsters? Far too many to ever count, that’s for sure. Because so many have slipped into the cracks or found some other way to survive. How many kids will grow up with constant anxiety over where their next meal is coming from or afraid of getting sick because they have no health insurance. This is no wayt to be! We’re not just hurting this generation, but the next several.

With this new health care reform bill, am I screwed as a small business owner? What happened to Obama’s promises? DC got to him…and by that I mean Wall Street! They’re so enmeshed it’s hard to tell them apart lately. And wait! Didn’t Obama want to get rid of Lobbyists? No? Hm…I could have sworn. Oh well.

Greed is an ugly and destructive thing. I hope it never finds a comfortable place to live within you. No amount of money is worth the destruction or collapse of our society. To be proserous in this world you don’t have to sell out to the money mongerers! Fight back!

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