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Waking Up Diseased


Oooh! That awkward moment where you went to bed happy and healthy and woke up as the embodiment of DISEASE! OMZTEHOBEESSITTEEEEEEEEEE! It’s fucking ridiculous, all of the AMA bullshit. Ugh! I haven’t read up on it, to be honest, but I have shared all of the articles I’ve come across (and will catch up on them myself shortly) on this blog’s Facebook Page. Actually, I wasn’t truly surprised by the AMA decision. I mean, we (fatties) are already treated as though we’re diseased. Not only that, we’re treated as though we chose to have a disease. Like, “Hmm, I’m bored today. You know what? I think I’ll contract FAT!” Ha-ha! But I do feel as though more informed and intelligent fats have already written all there is to be said on this matter. So, please check out their stuff and come back here for my usual neurotic ranting. Ha-ha!

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