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Virtual Shopping Buddy


The other day while talking to a friend we were lamenting the fact that neither of us had a shopping buddy in the towns we live in. So I thought, hey, why not have a virtual shopping buddy?! We discussed how that might work and work it we did!

We were on the phone and facebook simultaneously so we could chat and share links to what we were looking at, considering, shopping for. We shopped for dresses and Halloween costumes and lingerie and it was soooooo much fun!

I know this sounds a bit odd, but I assure you, outside of actually trying the shit on, it felt like we were shopping together. Let’s face it, fatties don’t have a lot of brick and mortar store options as it is. Online is pretty much where we’re at in the fatshion department. But we both found some lovely and fabulous things to buy and try and hopefully wear.

We did most of our shopping and link sharing for as they had the widest variety of styles and sizes. Though I will say that for costumes the sizing is not what it could or, in my opinion, should be.  I was looking for a costume for a party I was invited to and everything I wanted and would actually wear fell far short of my measurements (67″ hips for the win).

We also ventured over to and Both offered fun and funky and super fresh styles in sizes we could wear. having some really awesome stuff and pretty damn affordable prices. We discussed where we would wear such fancy dresses and I insisted we create ways and places to wear them. proved a non-starter as most of the items we wanted were just outside our affordability range. Though I only work part time and my friend is a graduate student, these may not be issues for you. Cute ass stuff though! I’m in love with their “Bones” dress!

Oh yeah! We also hit up! My go-to for teggings, my beloved and cherished teggings! *sigh* I fell in love with a cardigan and a floral body suit, but ended up not buying anything as I am watching my budget these days and trying to wait on impulse buys to make sure I really want and would wear them.

In the end she got some awesomely cute stuff and we both had a blast chatting and laughing and sharing and what more could you want from a shopping venture?! I’m sure you could do something similar via Skype or Google+ hangout or something. It was tons of fun, though.

Have you done something like this? Would you be interested in something like this? Is there a better way? Let me know! 🙂

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