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Ultimate Self Confidence


How do you explain a life changing event to someone who wasn’t there? How do you write about a class you attended that gave you a whole new perspective on yourself and life without giving away too much (because y’all should go to this class!)? This is where I’m at right now.

Okay, so how about this…the description of the class:

Ultimate Self Confidence is the radical and astonishing workshop that everyone is talking about! As seen in the Village Voice “Best of New York 2008” guide. World Famous *BOB* has created a workshop to encourage women (the class is currently women-only, though a co-ed version is planned to be offered in the future) to take larger steps towards who they ultimately want to be – whether it is on stage or in everyday life situations. Confidence is something that is only true when it is created by ourselves and *BOB* will guide you through a series of fun and sometimes challenging exercises to create “courage references” that are guaranteed to stay with you long after you’ve left class. Come ready to work and be prepared to amaze even yourself! Nothing is hotter or more powerful than self-confidence. *BOB*’s intense and astonishing, boundary-shattering class is known for changing lives and opening minds. You will be exposed and your body fears will be challenged and you will prevail. 

Prevail indeed! Ha-ha! I didn’t know what to expect walking into this class. I was nervously excited as we gathered outside the front doors. Then, when all were in attendance, the doors opened and World Famous *BOB* greeted us each with a tissue and a hug and welcomed us inside. As we sat down pondering our tissues, the room was dim with a candle in the center of the circle of chairs, mood music playing in the background. We all took a seat and placed our belongings beneath the chairs. Then World Famous *BOB* said, “Thank you for coming to the funeral…of all of your insecurities.”

And that is all I can really share without ruining it for anyone who might want to attend this class in the future. The class is only two hours, but I promise you, you will be changed. I did not feel time pass. I honestly didn’t give a thought to time or the outside world while in the class. It was nice to not have that interference. There were fifteen women in the class I attended. I only knew two of them outside of this space and another only by recent fat events I’ve attended.

I will tell you that this class wasn’t about sharing your deepest fears or insecurities only to have people tell you, “No you’re not…” This class wasn’t about hand holding or chanting or anything else I’ve ever experienced. It was deep and it was real and I now have tools to help me get through those days when I’m not feeling my most confident. I now have a permanent memory that I know I will never forget, to call upon when I need it most! And I keep reflecting on it and SMILING!!!

I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to really push past the typical confidence rhetoric and get to the heart and soul of yourself. The Ultimate Self Confidence class will be in San Francisco on Sunday, September 30th. But don’t you worry, World Famous *BOB* gives this class all over the place. So keep an eye on her calender.

As for me? Well, nothing can stop me now. Nothing can drag me down and hold me back, not now and not ever again! I am fearless and free! 🙂

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