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I’ve been on Twitter for so long I can’t even remember. The thing is though, it’s sometimes like that friend you suddenly can’t remember why you’re friends with. Yeah, that!

But today? There’s been some fat shaming by Lane Bryant in regards to definatalie’s t-shirt design. It’s complete and utter bullshit that they are asking:

Is this really necessary? We say NO! Share your thoughts! #lanebryant

Wow! A whole company saying NO to one little indie artist’s design? OUCH! For one thing, I LOVE definatalie, her blog and ALL of her designs. She’s so talented and adorable and witty and just fab! I wasn’t going to buy that shirt, I prefer the fancily scrawled “FAT” shirt, but I am VERY tempted to buy the fat arse shirt and stand outside my local LB with a giant grin on my face!

Honestly, I’ve been sick of LB overall for awhile *now. The quality of their clothing has gone down while their pricing seems to keep on creeping up up up! Plus, the styles? You guys, they kinda suck! I used to look forward to payday and quickly turn said paycheck into dust, walking out with those giant LB bags of yore. *sighs* Now? I only buy their bras. Well, one bra in particular. They are the best ever.

Now? I may have to find another store/place to buy my ladies a comfy home. I just don’t feel very good about giving LB more of my hard earned money. Not when they are perfectly okay with fat shaming. Nope! No Thank You!

My response to their tweet:

Notblueatall Notblueatall @lanebryant Yes it’s necessary! Not everyone buys into the old beauty myths. And no pair of pants are going to make my fat ass any less so!

Feel free to follow my tweets and I will do the same. Just wish I was back into tweeting for more positive reasons.

*Also, since moving from a typical LB 26/28 to a straight up in yo face 28/30, seems they don’t want my monies anyway. Neener! Too bad, since this started when I had that old corporate trainer position money in my pockets. Those were the days. Sadly, the LB gals always tried to get me to wear slutty stuff to my very straight-laced corporate office. Ugh!

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“Twitter & Thoughts”

  1. On July 29th, 2010 at 2:58 pm Annissa Says:

    Whaaaaat? I unfollowed @LaneBryant after I said something about the terrible customer service I had at one of their locations and they direct messaged me saying “if you’d like to pursue this issue further, email ___” (I was a bit offended that they didn’t apologize and even more upset that I was unable to message them back, since they weren’t following me). They were always too expensive for me anyway.

    But now this? Seriously? This pisses me off. Don’t you dare tell me what I’m allowed to say about my body. If I want to say I’m fat, I’m freaking going to call myself fat! Uuuuugh.

  2. On July 29th, 2010 at 3:05 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Wow! I’ve actually had plenty of issues with LB in the past, but this latest attack on definatalie is just absurd. Thanks for reading/commenting.

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