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Too Fat to Rock?!


Pretty much…

I’d responded to an ad on Craigslist for a singer in a goth band, something along the lines of Evanescence. The drummer responded to my inquiry and explained a bit about the band and it’s style. I responded with a bit about me including that I often sing Evanescence’s “Sober” at karaoke to rave reviews. I also included a link to my blog and pictures, my recent return to performing and my experience in the music industry back in the day (I did not ask about their image or anything along those lines).
This was their response:

“Hi Sarah!!!
That’s cool that you’re into music and have had experience in that field.  As far as image, we are looking for a slender model-like classically trained/opera singer.  Hmmmm…. Would you be interested in managing/booking/promoting?

“Hi Joey,
No, I’ve done the whole promoting/booking stuff before. I’m looking to broaden my horizons and get out of my comfort zone.
Good luck to you.

Being in a band is on my “bucket list” and I will make this happen. No, goth wasn’t my first choice in a band or style, but I thought what the hay, it might be fun. Being turned down outright without allowing for an audition based entirely on my size/looks? Um…way to go bigots! Isn’t it funny how those who would be considered outsiders by the mainstream go along with the mainstream opinion on such stuff. Way to be…NOT!

So, my dream of a bad ass, fat ass, kick ass punk-pop-rock band will continue to be a dream…for now! One day it will come together and be so much fun that I won’t even remember this silly moment in time at all. It’s disappointing, sure, but not devastating. In fact for some reason I find it kind of hilarious. Why did I think I should be in a goth band anyway?! Ha-ha!

If you live in the SF bay area and play an instrument and wanna rock…HIT ME UP! 😉

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“Too Fat to Rock?!”

  1. On July 8th, 2013 at 2:59 pm Laura (dusty_rose) Says:

    UGH, that’s so shitty.

    I hope you find some non-bigoted people to start a badass fat-fronted goth band with! I love the idea of a fat Evanescence…

  2. On July 9th, 2013 at 5:16 am Morgaine Fey Says:

    Wow. Generally you at least to get to audition before you are told you don’t fit their preconceived ideal as the next Tarja Turunen. I wonder if they realize that half their audience are probably closer to your description than the groupies they dream of. We Goths did grow up (and out, and grew wrinkles, and such), after all. 😉

    What asshats. What was the band name, so I can tell my fellow batty broads to ignore them! >^-^<

  3. On July 10th, 2013 at 11:57 am Christine T Says:


    My reply would have had the word ‘asshole’ in it.

    C x

  4. On July 15th, 2013 at 12:39 am Ragen Says:

    Wow is that ever bullshit. You are the nicest person ever for wishing them luck because I wish them tendinitis and vocal nodes. I wish you luck in finding (or forming?) the band of your dreams. More Cabaret will be happy to Go Go Dance for your awesome band anytime (But not for Joey’s band. Never for Joey’s band. Joey’s band can suck it.)


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