I'm just a fat gal with a blog and an opinion. Well, lots of opinions.

Tonight @ 7pm (PST) Soulful Blend Radio-Podcast!


I was graciously asked to participate in a podcast this evening and I am so excited & flattered! So, please tune-in if you can or check it out later when you have a chance to do so. Thanks so much, Rachel!


Let your friends and family know we are discussing the trendy plus size women and how she can walk boldly in the world. As the listener call in and put your two cents in, regarding the topic of the week. This show will discuss topics including confidence, positive body image, fat girl news, and living a soulful blend life style! @ohyesfashion if you have any questions you would like us to answer on the show ~RU REAL I AM PLUS

Please check it out:

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