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TMI Tuesday!!!


For Today’s TMI Tuesday we will explore our fantasies. Any/all of ’em! If this may be triggering for you or you’d simply rather not know my sexytimes wishes, please come back on another day. Thanks so much!










Oh fantasy?! Such a varied topic, no? I love it! Where possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. Where celebrities and neighbors are equally sexy and the deeds to be done may be dirty and/or cheap! Ha-ha! And I’m not talking about your sleepy time dreams here. No, I’m talking about the ones you create in your mind! To pass the time, to lift your spirits or to inspire you!

I ask that you share a fantasy of your own in comments (you may be anonymous if you like, I think) and I shall share one of my own. Feel free to get as explicit (or not) as you like. No judgment zone here! No back stories needed! Just dive on in…the water is just fine! <3

My Fantasy: It’s always the same, right? I head out to another rock show after so many. So why am I so not looking forward to this one? Ugh! I’ve seen this band before, they are amazing, but will it even be different? Ah well, better find a place near the stage at least.
The band plays, they are amazing. It feels like he’s looking at me…but that can’t be! I always think that. Ha-ha! I’m so silly! The just get into their final encore when I make my way towards the side exit, hopefully I’ll beat the crowd. I can barely hear anything over the screaming, they must be done. Well, it was a good show. Too bad about that asshole behind me. Why do drunk-ass people insist on talking to everyone so close?! Dude, it’s call gum, get some! Ha-ha! This exit is a bit odd. Maybe I made a wrong turn. Oh look, there’s security, maybe they can tell me how to get the hell outta here. “Excuse me–” Security, “You’ll have to wait here for a second, miss.” “Oh, I just wan–” “I’m sorry, I can’t let you past for just a minute until it’s all clear.” he says. All clear? What the hell does that mean? Oh well. It’s not like I’m rushing anywhere, really. Holy–He’s coming out this door into THIS HALLWAY!!! Oh Maude! Here he comes…there goes the drummer…right passed me! “Hi! You were great!” I say to her. She’s so beautiful! Did she even break a sweat out there? Damn! Ohmyshit! “Hey…Oh! Uh, Hi!” He says. “Wha?” I half breathe out. Is he fucking talking to me? This is not happening…but he’s standing right in front of me. Why is he looking right at me? “Hi. You were–” I stammer. He gives the security guard a nod. The security guard nods back and looks back towards the backstage and he slips into the door opposite. The security guard comes back to me and I’m in a daze. “Right this way miss.” Security guard says to me. “Huh? Wha? I just…” I’m being lead into the door opposite the backstage door. Is this the exit? Friggin catacombs or something man, I just wanna get out of here.

I’m suddenly face to face with Him. He’s drying off his face and neck with a small black towel. Oh gawd, he looks so amazing. You needn’t a towel! I’d gladly lick you dry! Ha-ha! But I could never say that! “Hi.” He’s smiling at me! ME?! What is happening? Did I blackout or something? Shit, did that drank-ass slip me something? What is…”Hi.” He’s talking to me? What in the…”Are you alright?” He’s asking Me?! Oh shit! I’m screwed. Say something coherent, dammit! “I’m, uh…I’m…You were…I’m sorry.” I suddenly can’t breathe. My throat just ran away or something. Shit shit shit! “Here! Have some water.” He’s handing me a bottle of water. I watch as the sweat from the water bottle and his own mingle and all I want to do is lick those luscious hands of his. He catches me swooning over his hands. Shit! “Um, is this okay?” I snatch the bottle and take a large swig before answering. *gasp-gasp* “Yes, thank you very much. Really, you’re too–” he cuts me off by holding up a single digit. My eyes are transfixed on it. I want so much to feel that finger, to taste it to know it! He walks up close to me. His eyes never leave mine. He gets to within an inch of my face. I look down and to the right. My cheeks flush. I can feel my ears turning red with the rush of blood. He lifts my chin to meet his gaze. “I can’t–I think–No!” he says as he drops his hand from my chin and takes a step back and looks around the room. I’m so befuddled I can’t think. I focus on the water bottle. I’m drinking it like I’m in a contest or something. “Are you hot? Here, have a seat.” he offers an antique tapestry sort of chair. I go to walk towards it but can’t move. C’mon feet! Get to movin’, will ya?! Ugh! He places his hand on the small of my back, gently guiding me towards the chair. I sit and the chair groans. “Sorry, I’ve had this chair for ages. It was in my house growing up. I think it was my great-grandmother’s.” he explains. “That’s so nice.” I manage. I feel like such an idiot. I must seem like the worst fan girl right now. He’s going to kick me out as soon as he find the chance to, I just know it!

“I’m sorry if I’m making you uncomfortable, but when I saw you in the hallway I just, well…I was so taken with you. I know I have sort of a reputation with red haired women and all, but, well, you seem so different.” He says as he sort of crouches/squats to eye level with me next to the chair. “With me?” I ask. “Yes, of course.” he says. “I don’t understand.” I say, plainly. “I wish I could explain it to myself, but…well? I don’t know what to say. I just, you captured all of me.” he looks away bashfully. But how could this rockstar-god be bashful? Around me? Nah! This is crazy! I must have passed out and am not in full-on hallucination mode, right? “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. If you want to leave, you can. I’ll get John to escort you out safely.” he starts to get up and walk towards the door. When did he shut that door anyway? “No! I mean, it’s okay. I’m not uncomfortable. Thank you for the water. I’m not really sure what it is that you say “captured you” but I will stay as long as you want me to.” I say to him. Oh gawd, please stay!

He takes one of my hands and electricity shoots through it straight to my heart. I’m flushed all over again! He smiles at this. My wedding ring catches the light and twinkles. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I—uh…I see you’re married? I’m married, too. It’s so nice to have found someone to have and to hold, forever. Isn’t it?” he asks, his face the picture of expectation. “Yeah. I mean, I knew you were married. You’re a dad. You’re amazing!” what the hell did I just say? Oh man, this is awful. Why am I even talking?! What could he possibly want with me? I’m a lunatic! “I mean no disrespect, I just. Well, I would be honored if you let me kiss you. Just, just on the cheek.” He seems surprised by his own words. This poet? This craftsman of melody and lyrics. This singer of my heart and soul. I shoot up out of the chair to meet his eyes once again. “Yes!” I say, trying not to sound desperate or needy. He kisses my cheek like a total gentleman. I feel the back of his hand softly brush it, too. I feel all swoony and dizzy and just grab the back of his hair and kiss him fully and deeply on the mouth. His tongue shoots into my mouth and dances like no other. It is a tango of two tongues, locked in a frenzy.

I nearly fall back into the chair. I look up at him again and he is looking down at me with his mouth agape. “But I want you now. And so there it is.” he says in a graveled whisper. My voice catches in my throat and I can’t say a word but find myself scanning the room for something I don’t know what. He kneels in front of me, I’m in the chair, his hands on top of mine which are on top of my knees. He moves his hands up my arms and stops at my shoulders. I grab his right hand and hold it up to inspect it. He seems confused at first, but then I hold it to my cheek and softly kiss each line of his palm. You can feel the tension in the room. Time has frozen and it’s just us here, alone. I do the same to his left hand. His eyes watching as though dining on the finest meal. “Please?” he says, his perfect eyebrows raised in question. I release his powerful hands to do as they wish and he cups my left breast while sweetly kissing the tops of my bosoms. I stand up, pushing him away. “I’m so sorry, I–” he starts. “No, I just–” I grab the bottom of his red t-shirt and he helps me get it off his torso. Oh how I’d longed to see this pale flesh before me. I can’t help myself now. I am filled and overcome with desire. I start kissing his chest when he stops me and motions for a nearby chaise I hadn’t noticed. It’s gold velvet and is covered in shirts and towels and things. He guides me over, holding my hand like a duke would a duchess and I try not to run.

As he motions for me to sit, I slip off my shoes and he slides off my jeans. He is so gentle, yet firm. So sweet, yet the electricity is painfully obvious. “Are you sure you don’t mind? he asks. I throw my head back and laugh. I pull off my top and I stop, catch my breath and say, “Mind? I want no other.” and he spreads my legs for the softest taste. He grabs my ass and thrusts his tongue into me. I had no chance of catching the moan before it escaped my lips. It had to come out! And it’s so lovely and deliciously sweet. As I cum he gently rubs my belly. He reaches up to my breast and licks and sucks and finally bites my nipple. Then the same with the other. I am trying desperately to gain some semblance of composure while trying to get his pants off. “I want to taste it!” I whimper. “Please, let me have  all of you.” he says as he slips on a condom. He looks deep into my eyes as he glides his cock into my already satisfied pussy. “How have we never met before tonight?” he says as he thrusts into me, pausing and then thrusts again. “Does it matter?” I say. I grab his glorious arms, pulling him into me again and again. I’m screaming like a banshee when finally he cums, eyes up in his head. He collapses onto me and I stroke his hair. “Thank you.” I say to him, still stroking his hair and playing with his ears. “What?!” he says with great confusion. “You amaze me. You satisfy me. You made me cum. Thank you!” I say explain. He laughs at this.

“Please tell me I can see you again?” he says, hoping/asking. “But we’re both married. You’re a dad. I love my husband. This was like nothing else and I will cherish the memory always.” I say, looking deeply into his now sad eyes. “I’ll never know you?” he asks. “But you do. Right now. You know me.” I offer. He starts to get up and looks embarrassed. I stand up and kiss him again. He holds my head to his chest. I can feel his breath grow deeper again. “Please. At least tell me your name, give me your number, let me know that you exist outside of this room?!” he begs. I’m speechless. This man of my dreams, this god of the stage wants to know I exist?! I smile. I hold him tight. I cling to his chest as though his breath was my own. “But it can’t be.” I say. And I let go and leave the room. Still straightening my top as I grab the doorknob. His hand covers mine. Our eyes lock up once again. Then he lets go and turns away. I leave the room and wonder if I’ll ever be the same again. (And if this were truly the ultimate he’d write a song and only I would know it was about me.)

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“TMI Tuesday!!!”

  1. On May 3rd, 2011 at 8:01 am Chutti Says:

    that was fun!

    I’m not going to into too much detail. Just going to say that several years ago I decided who the sexiest ‘celebrity’ is. I’d gladly spend a wild evening with him/her/it? Enthusiasm and joy would make this an evening to remember. For your conisderation, just two words:
    Cookie. Monster.

    How hawt would that be????

  2. On May 3rd, 2011 at 8:36 am Not Blue at All Says:

    Ha-ha! That is fantastic! That might be pretty hot, come to think of it.
    I hadn’t intended to get all romance novel on ya, it just came out that way. Ha-ha!
    Thanks, Chutti! <3

  3. On May 3rd, 2011 at 9:25 am Bee Says:

    For the past couple of months, mine have all been variations/continuations of a dream I had. In it, my partner had me seducing a mutual acquaintance of ours, whom I’ll call D, with the intention of bringing him into our relationship full time. In reality, neither my partner or I want an open relationship at all at this time, though he knows about this fantasy and teases me about it frequently.

    I find my thoughts drifting to it a lot lately anyway. Sometimes it’s just me and D, other times all three of us. Sometimes it’s explicit, other times just shy and sweet and cuddlesome. The only constant is that we’re all happy.

  4. On May 3rd, 2011 at 10:38 am Not Blue at All Says:

    Okay, my new favorite word is “cuddlesome” now. Thank you for that and for sharing your sweet fantasy. <3

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