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This! Yes! This!


Don’t you love it when you’ve tried and failed to explain something before or maybe you just can’t spit the words out about something and it’s frustrating and then one day you hear/read someone else saying exactly what you’ve felt all along?


OMZ! Not only is Lesley Kinzel my total heroine, but she’s fatshionably fab, too! I mean, the girl can rock a dress! This was a revelation for me since we’re very close in size and I hadn’t worn a dress since my high school grunge days (sigh). If not for Fatshionista (the website and the LiveJournal community) I would not be as sane and happy and as brave as I am today. For realz, y’all! The fat acceptance movement has given me support, confidence and rekindled my all-out love for fashion. Only now, I can’t say “fashion” I can only say “fatshion”…and that is awesome!

Because so many of us are afraid of the word fat or think it nothing but an insult. Who among us hasn’t heard another say, “Oh my god! I am so fat!” or some other such horribly negative use of the word. But you know what? Oh my gawd…I AM FAT! And I love who I am! So…wev! Embrace it! Fat isn’t a disease or a syndrome or a stigma (to me) anymore. It’s a state of being. It is simply a descriptive word. Nothing more, nothing less.

I hate to think of our self-obsessed culture killing themselves to be “thin” (whatever that means). Because, as Lesley says, “Every body is different!” And your own relationship with your own body is your business and no one elses. Just because I am fat my lifestyle is not hindered one bit. I have flown to and from Europe, I have danced in a club, I have flown in a helecopter over Maui, I have found my partner for life and near and dear friends and I have even opened my very own business! My fat never got in the way! I am happier now than I was as a size 14 (I’m not closer to a 28/30)!

I guess what I am trying to say is, please stop hating your body. You deserve better! You’d never let a friend turn to you and say, “Ew! Look at your thighs! They’re disgusting!” so why would you do it to yourself? It’s not easy, but you can stop it.

And my favorite quote of the week/month is from Beth Ditto (of Gossip fame), “Punk will never Diet!” Oh my gawd, that is my new motto! I want a bumper sticker and a t-shirt, please?! Ha-ha!

Thanks for reading. And don’t worry, I’ll be posting my TFIF tomorrow! Tah!

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