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Yesterday was just, um, weird, I guess? Ugh! I feel like the moment I get a handle on things, or some things, I get a glimpse of just how messed up things actually are…or I am. *Sigh* I’m okay, though. I’m still feeling pretty good for the most part. I started my day off alright. The puggyman and I woke up a bit late (we always get up super early to pee/eat -he does anyway- and then go back to sleep) and I missed a skype date with a fabulous friend. Boo-me! Then I got my ass up and out to the grocery store. I actually enjoyed myself, too. Well, I was on the phone with my brother the entire time talking about cooking and baking so that helped a lot.

I bought things I needed, wanted and had been out of, or meaning to get for some time. This gathering of supplies always makes me feel better when I get home and can put things away and know where they are and that they are there when I need them. Childhood food insecurity never truly goes away, I guess. Oh well. My bro and I talked horror movies, sci-fi and zombies while I grabbed my coffee at Peet’s and snagged a sandwich for lunch before I got home. I’d unloaded everything and got it all put away. I went to my room to have my lunch and watch an episode of my favorite show, “The IT Crowd” (best show ever!). As I set everything down on my bedside table I realized I hadn’t fully made my bed yet. It was sort of half done but completely wonky! I picked up a pillow to smooth out the blanket beneath it and *SPLOOSH* both of my just purchased beverages had spilled onto my bedroom floor. Devastation!

I was sort of beside myself for a few moments before I went into action about getting it cleaned up. Honestly, I just didn’t know where to start! Luckily I have hardwood floors in my house and I’d just put my bedroom rug in the washer (thanks to a dog pee incident that morning) so it was really just a matter of finding a giant towel to mop it all up with. I was pretty damn sad about it, though. I’d been doing my best to save money and do as much at home as possible and decided to treat myself to a quad-shot iced espresso and had only gotten two sips before disaster ensued. The clean up took longer than expected and my hot sandwich ended up cold. Oh well.

After I ate my lunch in quiet sadness, I went onto Facebook to see what everyone was up to. I got a bit creeped out by the sudden and targeted ads and instant messaged Raven, “How does FB know I’m on the rag?! WTF?!” she called me immediately. I still don’t know how FB could know such a thing, but she assured me it had to be a coincidence. She offered the consolation of constantly getting ads for erectile dysfunction to which I replied, “Well, Raven, you really should consider doing something about your ED!” We laughed and snarked as we do and I felt a bit better. Then I got all emotional out of the blue and well just fuck it!

I had thought that the puggyman’s papa would be taking him home that night but he just came over and hung out a bit and helped inspect and care for that puggo. A few more days with my Duke of Cute, not a problem at all. He and I have been hanging out so much together and it’s been lovely. We’ve got our routine down and I feel much less lonely, too. My roommate adores him, I mean who doesn’t, and her dog seems to enjoy his company as well. He hates getting his picture taken but he’s so fucking cute I can never resist for long.

I’d also gotten my latest finds from in the mail and had to snap some pics because I was so in love with them! I never wear yellow, but I just happen to be wearing a strapless yellow and grey sundress I’d nabbed from Cupcakes & Muffintops this weekend. When I saw my “Electric Youth” necklace I put it on right away and it looked perfect with the dress! The other one is called “Chandelier Necklace” and I cannot wait to wear it out! I literally opened it’s box and whispered to myself, “Princess Necklace!” and tried it on. I cannot say enough good things about that site and it’s wares. If you like funky, fun, edgy, unique and usually pretty cheap jewelry, do check it out. (I have not been compensated in any way shape or form for this review or mention of, but damn I would love to have almost their entire inventory!)

I’m still feeling pretty much myself, even if I did get bummed out and emotional quite a bit throughout the day. So be it. Such is life, eh?  And since I’d promised myself more pictures, I share with you some highlights! Thanks for reading! <3

$5 Walmart Belts...Win! (they are 2x) Pink glitter with black skulls! Neon Dots! Yes, please!

Thrift Finds: CK Dress (black & red), Italian Floral Tie, Unicorn Scarf, Infinity Scarf and Green Purse...Woot!

The Unicorn Scarf I Thrifted: Look at it!!!

No Pics Mom!

Puggy Tongue

Grumpy Men Walk

That Pug's Not a Pillow!

I See You! (He's not supposed to be there and he knows it!)

You work, I nap!

Home Pedicure: Looks legit!

Electric Youth:

Smile Princess!

Oh Really?!

The Royal Smirk

Oh This Old Thing?!

Princess Daydreams





 (I cannot believe I’m referring to myself as “Princess” in this post. Let’s keep that between us, shall we?)



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