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The Bargain Huntress Strikes Again!

Oh Darlings! What haven’t I been able to get at the price I want? That is the question! 
Cartoon Me
I just bought an authentic Herman Miller adjustable office chair for $20! 
I’m not infallible, don’t misunderstand me. I
 am just good at getting what I want I suppose.
But this beauty I found on

And there is so much on that site for the taking!
I have been trolling the Business section a lot lately in search of much needed items
and equipment for my soon to be open cafe.
When a business closes, someone buys all of their equipment!
But you can find plenty of items in the For Sale section that are completely or near new!
I saw a lot of brand new furniture and other fun things.
It really is all about knowing what you want.
Research! Research! Research!
It’s true!
Also, check out the Barter and Free sections as people get creative and generous and what’s better than free?!
So try it, Dears, and let me know what bargains you find!
Who knows…your next bargain prey could be rewarded…by me!

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