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The Art of: The Bargain


All we hear day in and day out is “these tough economic times” and how spending is down, all businesses are suffering and how people need to learn how to budget and save and make things at home and being creative and whatnot. And to all of this I agree. But I have to share with you right now what I think has got to be the internet’s best kept secret (at least for today). I mean, I know how to budget and save, but it’s no fun and I love to eat in restaurants! Who doesn’t? Right?!
I’m known in my small circle of friend as the Queen of Bargains (okay, maybe not but I think it’s apt). It should come as no surprise that I have found a gem for all to use and still enjoy dining out in “these tough economic times.” It saddens me that restaurant owners are getting hit the hardest due to people just not eating out anymore. So, here it is folks…I’ve tried it, tested it and just bought a bunch more and I have to say it’s a bargain of a lifetime! 80% off is something I would never joke about. It’s the real deal: enter coupon code: DINE at checkout for 80% off
**(I just bought five $25 gift certificates for $10 out of my pocket!).
It’s fantastic! You enter your zip code and the distance you’d like the search to include (I chose 20 miles) and a list of restaurants comes up. Unsure of a new restaurant? Check for reviews from local people who have already enjoyed (or not) that particular restaurant. I really can’t say enough about, I mean I have literally booked entire trips based on user reviews. I just think the people on there (including myself) are straight shooters with no reason to lie and nothing to lose. You win!
Once you have found your restaurants of choice you place the certificate in your cart. When you’re done, proceed to check out and don’t forget to enter that coupon code! Now all you have to do is pay and then print out your certificates. They’re generally good for one year from the date of purchase and again please pay attention to all of the terms and conditions. Some restaurants may only allow you to redeem the certificates Monday through Friday or other such things.
I had purchased some certificates through this site before and enjoyed using them. Most common I’ve found on my $25 ones is that a purchase must be at least $35 before certificate redemption. No worries there! I would say as a general rule this does not include any alcoholic beverages. Again, no complaints!
If you do end up using/purchasing from this site please let me know! I’d love to hear about your experiences. And don’t forget to write a review of the restaurants on Yelp! =0)
(Sorry I haven’t posted in ages. I’ve been travelling and getting some things together for my near-future business. I’m excited beyond measure, but there are so many logistical things to worry about and take care of that I get a bit distracted from my day to day life. I will try to be more diligent in my postings and welcome any and all suggestions and feedback.)

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