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The Art of: Pooping (in public) Like a Ninja! (almost)


Anyone who has worked in an office or other such environment or shared restroom situation will know exactly what I mean when I mention people who poop in public restrooms. You walk in and get hit with a big ole stink bomb! GROSS! What’s worse is if you have to drop an almighty deuce and you’re terrified that the stink bomb will be yours for the next person to walk into. Oh the embarrassment!

I discovered a semi-new product that helps with the smell of bathroom hell!

It’s called, “Poo-Pourri” Preventive Bathroom Odor Spray.

Poo-Pourri Preventive Bathroom Odor Spray, 2 oz

Listed product features:

·         Stop embarrassing odor with our patent pending bathroom freshener.

·         Our natural essential oils create a film on the surface of the water, trapping odor at it’s source.

·         A citrus fresh blend of Lemongrass, Bergamot, Grapefruit and other natural essential oils that leave the bathroom smelling clean and fresh!

·         Packaged with a silver necklace with a “P” dangling from it, this stunning package also makes this a “Show Item” for your bathroom!

I’ve been using it at home for almost a week and…I LOVE IT! For just $9.95 I feel more *ahem* at ease when I must go #2! =0)

I actually love the packaging, too! It’s adorable and would fit in most restroom environments. They also have a purse sized spritzer and atomizer and other scents as well:

Poo-Pourri Spritzer Poo-Pourri Atomizer

And if there’s someone special in your life you’d like to share this magical invention with, they have a gift set:

Poo-Pourri Preventive Bathroom Odor Spray Gift Set

 Has anyone else tried this? I’d love to hear all about it (well, not all). Thanks!

Poo-Pourri Preventive Bathroom Odor Spray, 2 ozPoo-Pourri Preventive Bathroom Odor Spray, 2 ozPoo-Pourri Preventive Bathroom Odor Spray, 2 oz

*I am in no way affiliated with or being rewarded by the makes/sellers/or other relation to this product.

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“The Art of: Pooping (in public) Like a Ninja! (almost)”

  1. On March 31st, 2009 at 4:52 pm jerry Says:

    Seriously!! I know the worse thing that you want to be is labelled “the person who left the brown stinky fish”, but why would you spend ten bucks just for that issue? I know that you are going to roll your eyes at this, but the smell come when you leave it sitting in the bowl while you complete your brizness. If you perform a courtesy flush after the bulk of it comes out, you should be fine. Provided you don’t have a intestinal issue.
    Also if you are worried about becoming a bullhorn while you are popping a squat, a well timed flush can take care of that too.
    I know that there is a drought, so I say use the CF with restraint.
    I just thought I would help out those people who don’t want to spend the green for the brown.

  2. On April 1st, 2009 at 8:17 am admin Says:

    Ha-ha! “Green for the brown” I love it! But I have to disagree about the smell being from unattended butt-babies. I have never dropped the kids off at the pool without flushing immediately after…and I don’t have intestinal issues (for the most part). This stuff actually nuetralizes any odors before they happen and I love that. Plus I don’t need to spritz my bathroom after. And I love the fresh lemony scent. And I have never been a CF-er, purely for the water waste. I know for guys it’s more common.

  3. On April 1st, 2009 at 12:31 pm SJS Says:

    I love it!!

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