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The Art of: Music Appreciation (16 Volt)


I discovered the band 16 Volt completely by mistake. I literally stumbled upon them in a Goth club years ago in San Francisco. The club was called, “The So What” (I think) and some friends had semi-forced me to go even though I protested and had no idea what goth or industrial music was. I assumed it’d be a bunch of bondage clad dorks trying to get their rocks off (not entirely untrue). But I walked into the main dance area and WHAM! 16 Volt–Live! RAD! I was instantly locked in and loving them. I bought a tape right then and there (I didn’t have enough for the CD). And have since bought all of their albums and continue to be impressed with their progress and mega-skills!

“Letdowncrush” was the first tape I bought, then “Super Cool Nothing” and after discovering their earlier discs “Skin” and “Wisdom” I knew I would love them always. Years later my then-fiance (now husband) took me to see them at San Jose, CA’s Cactus Club and we got there early and ended us just chatting with Eric (singer-main awesome guy) before the show. Super cool guy and bad-ass show (too bad SJ wasn’t “feelin” it that night–losers wouldn’t dance/thrash).

Yes, they are considered industrial rock. But please, don’t let that sway you. There is true artistry here. The lyrics can be emotionally vulnerable at times and just completely dead-on angry at others. I hope you enjoy this free listen and check out their other stuff, too.

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