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The Art of: Media Bullshit!!! “Oh, The Nerve!”

While reading about a 700 lb woman in Texas who “pleaded for help” finding insurance I came across this disgusting aol poll:

“Oh, yeah there was that one day when I ate like six cheeseburgers…I definitely suffered from obesity then!” NOT!
I hate how the media throws the word obesity around like a trendy tech accessory. While I personally don’t mind the word in it’s proper usage (medically) it bugs the shit out of me when it’s used in such poor context. The way it is described above you’d think they were talking about something as common and curable as athlete’s foot or the stomach flu. Why do I expect more from a media that claimed the other day that anyone considered obese (by the infinitely flawed BMI) is actually contributing to global warming and should lose weight instantly in order to save the planet! Their “science” was basically that fat/obese people eat tons of food and don’t exercise. In other words, they drive everywhere and eat enough to feed a family of four. “FUCKING HELL!” I half shouted to myself. I mean, I know plenty of lazy/indulgent skinny people. Unhealthy, sure, but contributing to global warming? Well, aren’t we all?! I don’t see masses of people giving up their gas guzzlers and throwing out anything deemed unhealthy in their fridge & pantry. No, it’s so much easier to blame the fucking fatties. The people who get picked on, mocked, yelled at, cat called, discriminated against and are basically blamed for all of the maladies of this country. Home of the free? No dice! Home of the brave? Well, you’d have to be pretty damned brave to walk out of the house these days with a fat ass! 

Yes, I am obese in the medical and every other sense. I’m not afraid or ashamed. I am what & who I am. I don’t hide or shy away from it. I don’t sit on the couch and eat fucking bon-bons all day either! I exersice moderately and eat sensibly. I am healthy in the important sectors: Blood pressure & cholesterol. I pay attention to my body and mind and I hate what the United States has become: dieting zombies! Did you know that one of the toture methods used on Guantanamo Bay was restricting prisoners diets to 1,000 calories a day?! Yep! Hm…that’s like every person I’ve ever met who’s been on a diet. Have you ever met someone who tried one diet and then never dieted again? Me neither! They don’t exist. Dieting is an addictive behavior not unlike drug or alcohol addiction. It is more unhealthy to diet (in the restrictive sense) than it is to carry extra weight. The science is out there. I encourage everyone to learn more about the facts and not what the media feeds us! Fat Acceptance is a movement of people simply trying to be treated the same as everyone else. As human beings, we should deserve nothing less!

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“The Art of: Media Bullshit!!! “Oh, The Nerve!””

  1. On April 22nd, 2009 at 12:04 pm Sandra Says:

    I saw that news story the other day also, about fat people contributing to global warming. I yelled out…..”what a fucking stretch”. The assumption is that because someone is fat, you don’t walk or take a bike anywhere…so lame.

  2. On April 22nd, 2009 at 12:16 pm admin Says:

    Thank you for reading my blog! Yeah, me too on the news thing. I think they’re just aching for news stories and who better to pick oh, eh? Have you been exposed to the fat acceptance movement at all? I got into it a little over two years ago and it has truly changed my life in every awesome way! All of the blogs I listed in this post are FATTASTIC! =0)

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