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The Art of: Making Things (Part 1) Dry Erase Memo Board


I am a big fan of white boards or dry erase boards or whatever people call them these days. I have one on the inside of my front door. This helps with so many things. My husband and I can leave each other notes, messages, lists (shopping), etc. I jot down my day’s to do list and any phone messages we get. The only problem is actually getting up and writing things on the board sometimes. You know how it is, if it’s not within reach or sightline, forget it!

So, today without much intent or aspiration I decided I should make a mini version for my online notes and things. Because sometimes I’m waiting for something to download or what have you and I think to myself, “Self! You gotta remember to look up _____.” And of course I forget whatever it is before whatever it was is done downloading. Ugh!

It took me all of three minutes to make and I had all of the items needed around my tiny apartment, so I’m sure you do, too! =0)

What you need: Cardboard, Paper, Scissors, Glue Stick, Ruler, Pencil, Clear Shipping Tape, Dry Erase Pen


 1.)    Find a piece of sturdy cardboard. The size and shape are entirely up to you. I just used a piece that was in a package of labels.

2.)    Find a nice piece of paper.  It can be plain white, fancy, lined, or just leave the cardboard as-is! It is your preference.

3.)    Glue stick the cardboard and adhere the paper to it. I love the “UHU Stic” brand because it goes on purple (so you can see where your glue’s going) and dries clear!

4.)    Measure the cardboard on the blank-back side so that you can draw a line down the middle to create two equal halves. This should allow for your memo board to be two-sided when it’s done.

5.)    Cut the cardboard (with the paper glued to it) in half.

6.)    Tape the two sides together, covering the decorative paper, to “seal” the entire deal.

7.)    Yeah…Uhhh…Now it’s done! You can write notes all over this baby with a dry erase pen and simply erase with a tissue or paper town or your finger. You’re ready to rock ‘n roll!

8.)    If you make this, send me a picture of your finished project!   

Tutorial Tutorial

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