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TFIF! It’s Friday & I’m in Love With…Cartoons!


Because I saw a new one last night that I now LOVE I have decided to share with you lovelies my fave cartoons as of late (Okay, the theme songs, but they’re rad I promise!):
The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack: Such an offbeat and cool cartoon. The opening is in clay-mation or something, but the actual show is in a more classic style of animation. The stories and shenanigans Flapjack & K’nuckles get into? Oh boy! Dark and scary, fun and fantastic…great show!

Chowder: Okay, so this may appeal to a younger audience than the rest, but I still love Chowder! All of the characters have foodie names and all kinds of hilarious things happen in the kitchen when making dishes for the catering business they run. Good fun, sometimes gross and always silly!

Adventure Time with Finn & Jake: This is the new show I mentioned. It’s so cute and fun! Only seen on episode and I’m hooked! Makes me want to be a kid again!

Invader Zim: One of the best ever! So well written and full of snarky wit! The infamous Jhonen Vasquez at perhaps his finest. Yes, creator if Johnny The Homicidal Maniac comics and more. A little dark, perfectly kid appropriate, yet somehow great for grown ups, too!

Oblongs: Has a show ever been more off beat? Nope! Fun, raunchy, grotesque and fabulously full of truth (as in the rich rule it all). Yes, the amputee dad is voiced by Will Farrel and the mom by Jean Smart! Great writing, too.

Home Movies: This one I hold close to my heart. I couldn’t find just the theme song, so this is the first half of the first episode. But let me just say this, any cartoon that takes film making, rock opera, Franz Kafka and so much more into this loose and playful context is alright by me. I still get certain bits of dialogue or songs in my head. And the DVD’s shall never leave my home! Too funny! So good! The stuff these kids go through for their art?! Ha!

Do you have a fave modern cartoon darlings? I’d love to hear about them…and may even post them!

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