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Funny how I wrote and posted thrice last week and this week? Nothin’! Ha-ha! Oh well. Honestly? I’m trying to just live and feel better and not setting goals and beating myself up over stuff. But I haven’t just been sittin’ around the house either. I mean, that does happen, especially with the amount of jobs I’ve been applying to (now on 5 months unemployed…that is fucking depressing!), but I’ve been developing more of a routine where I can and creating time and attention to things that help me feel more like me.

Last Saturday I got to karaoke at a friend’s house with my favorite people…my crew! It was great! Here’s me with a very drunk “J” acting silly as usual. We were ridiculous, just laughing at the random-est stuff, but damn we sounded good!

My bf’s pug is nearly two years old now. You can tell with this “Hey Girl…” swag happening here…


My new cushion for my little loveseat! I am in love! (It’s really just a cover I got on amazon for five bucks, stuffed with the guts of an old bed pillow.)


I bring in the groceries and run to the bathroom, like ya do, and come back and find my puggyman has added his own “essential” to my already full grocery bags. Uhhh…thanks? Not really sure what he meant by this… (Note the blue raccoon on top of my red bag)


Self care! Don’t care!


My current coloring book (coloring helps with pain and anxiety management, yo!)…
Amazon has some really great ones and reasonably priced. They make great and affordable gifts!


This bad gel manicure I got on Wednesday, going back today so they can fix it. The pic just doesn’t do justice to this bizarre color transformation. In the salon it looked like it matched the accent nail (ring finger) but when I got home it was splotchy and yellow and green…no blue?!


My puggo!


Feminist sticker club (dot com)

IMG_20150915_182226That incredible moment when you unfuck your kitchen table!


So, that’s mostly what I’ve been up to. How are you doing? What’s new? What’s shakin’? What’s happening?
I’m looking forward to seeing The Martian this weekend and getting this nasty manicure fixed today. 😛

Rad Fatty Love,

P.S. Way too excited about using the word thrice. I just love it and rarely have a chance to use it. THRICE!!!

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