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Tank Top Tuesday!!!


This week’s submission is from the lovely and amazing: Raven Super

My fatty philosophy is simple: Don’t take crap from anyone! Be who you want to be and never feel the need to apologize for it.
Fight for the people who might not be ready to fight for themselves; you were once that person.
and in the words of Auntie Mame “Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death!”

I bake, sew, travel. Every once and a while, when I remember I also write a blog

The first photo was taken on a drizzly day in October by my then boyfriend (now husband).
He happened to catch a moment of bliss on my face as I snuggled my vintage fur wrap. Luckily he was watching, even when I thought he wasn’t.

The second photo was taken by the photographer Wendy Goodfriend at burning man this year, while I was cutting up some pork shoulder for my camp mates.
Apparently she thought I looked good with a huge knife.


I am always looking for submissions from anyone who wants to exercise their right to Bare Arms for future Tank Top Tuesday posts! Email your pics,please include the name you’d like in the post, a blog or etsy shop you wanna plug, your thoughts on bare arms or other fatty philosophies. It does not have to be in a tank top, so long as your arms are bare. Have fun with it! And thank you to all who have submitted and continue to do so. These posts make my week! They are so fun and empowering, too! So keep ‘em comin’ and keep baring those arms!

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