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Tank Top Tuesday!!!


Woo Hoo! It’s back! I love it! Okay, this week’s Tank Top Tuesday submission comes from my beloved WithoutScene of fame as well as her own BadAssFatAss & FinessingTheFuckYou! 

I often like to dress very brightly and this was one of those days. I’d never worn these items together before, but found myself inspired to hodgepodge something really colorful together: an old Fashion Bug skirt, a LB camisole, and a cloth I got at a reggae festival years and years ago that is supposed to be used as a headwrap (and of course, my bright blue sports bra). I like to re-purpose items in my wardrobe. Headbands as necklaces, necklaces as bracelets, skirts as shirts, belts as headbands, hair clips as broaches, and most famously among my friends, a camisole as an underskirt–adjust the straps to fit over your hips and wear one under a short skirt (try it out before you wear it out, to make sure it stays up–I happen to have hips that keep it up). To really be innovative with your wardrobe you have to force yourself to work with what you have and get caught up in the whimsy; inhibition is the enemy of innovation. More often than not, you will stand out in a good way. The people with an eye for quirky fashion sense will appreciate you, and if not, what you wear is none of their business anyway.

Talk about breaking the old fashion “rules!” Colors!!! Glorious colors! And that bag is to die for, am I right?! Just goes to show ya that you can be fabulous, fatshionable, and authentically you while still being a rad fatty baring your arms! I love it!

Also, y’all have to see the awesome sauce that is our facebook pictures: “Dueling Smirks”

I am taking submissions from anyone who wants to exercise their right to Bare Arms for future Tank Top Tuesday posts! Email your pics here:, please include the name you’d like included in the post, a blog or etsy shop you wanna plug, your thoughts on bare arms or other fatty philosophies. It does not have to be in a tank top, so long as your arms are bare. Have fun with it!

Also, feel free to still treat comments as TMI topic/discussion/venting area! Feel free to ask TMI questions or just vent/rant about your own stuff. I love it! We all do! =0)

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