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Tank Top Tuesday!!!


Today’s Tank Top Tuesday submission comes from Heather of the fabulous blog

My arms are fat and I love them. I spent 13 years wearing long pants and long sleeves. Finding the fat acceptance movement has not only done wonders for how I feel about myself and my body, but it’s been fantastic for my wardrobe and my comfort. They’re just arms! What’s the big deal? And I have so much more fun with my friends and family when I’m not worried the entire time about how I look. Enjoying life is far more important than who’s offended by my rolls.

Thank you for the fab pic, Heather! Be sure to check out her blog often (sometimes NSFW & generally better for a mature audience)!

I am taking submissions from anyone who wants to exercise their right to Bare Arms! Email your pics here:, please include the name you’d like included in the post, a blog or etsy shop you wanna plug, your thoughts on bare arms or other fatty philosophies. It does not have to be in a tank top, so long as your arms are bare. Have fun with it!

Also, feel free to still treat comments as TMI topic/discussion area! Feel free to ask TMI questions or just vent/rant about your own stuff. I love it! We all do! =0)

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“Tank Top Tuesday!!!”

  1. On August 9th, 2011 at 6:59 am Dominique Says:

    Oh I like the pic! She looks like she’s having fun and like she feels good in her body.

    **CAUTION** mini-rant:

    I wanted to rant on how the sleeve holes are always friggin’ too small or too big! My arms fall in the «mere-fat» range (more than inbetweenie, less than deathfatzz). To this day, all the sleeveless tops (or cap-sleeved tops) i try always feel too small under my arms; I feel squeezed and I don’t like it. It’s odd because I mean… the whole garment size is okay, runs true to size but those HOLES never seem to be RIGHTTTT!! So then I proceed to take one size larger: either they don’t carry it, either they don’t have it anymore, either when they have it the garment is now wayyyyyyy oversized (not only the arms.) … Is it that complicated to cut right-sized sleeve holes??? *** END OF RANT ***

    Does anybody know how to alter a sleeve hole to make it bigger or smaller? I don’t want the altering to be «evident» if possible… I definitely have to learn how to sew!

  2. On August 9th, 2011 at 10:04 am Not Blue at All Says:

    @Dominique: YES!!! I have very large arms (19″ & 20″ respectively) and sleeve holes are always huge or tight. I don’t know about alterations, but I think I may write a post about it soon. Thanks for the inspiration! <3

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