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Sunny Day & A Jean Skirt


Jean Skirt Love

Yesterday began with zero expectation. No plans, no motivation, just blah. I got up with the pug to take him outside, but we went back to bed soon after. I’ve been having a difficult time falling asleep lately, which in turn makes getting up at a respectable hour a rarity. Then my boyfriend text that he took the day off and asked if I was around. Of course I said yes! Then it was a brief glimpse in the mirror to check my hair and since it was still rockin’ from yesterday I hopped in the shower for a quick one.

I know I hadn’t posted any sort of fatshion stuff in awhile and then suddenly started to, but it’s all because of my friend V and her blog: She’s suddenly inspired me to post my outfits. I enjoy getting dolled up a few times a week and always forget to take pics or just don’t know what to say, but I have realized that this gives me an excuse to both write and put outfits together. Win win! I can’t buy much in the way of new things but I recall the glory days of the fatshionista community on livejournal and how I loved just seeing other fat bodies in fatshionable clothing. It was so inspiring, so radical and fucking awesome! And then taking these pics of myself? Well…look at those chubby-ass arms!!! 😉

I have not worn a jean skirt since junior high! I snagged this baby for a steal at a local clothing swap a few weeks ago. It is the most perfect jean skirt ever! It’s got a dark wash, it’s snug but not too tight, it’s knee length but not too short, and the butt has little gunmetal grey sparkles all over it! I am in love! I wore it for the first time yesterday and instantly felt better (I woke up with zero self esteem, it happens). It has so many pockets, too!

I’d wanted to wear this black and grey striped v-neck tee that I have, but I couldn’t locate it in time. Just as I zipped up the front of my magical jean skirt he was knocking on my door. So on went this old Torrid top I’ve only worn four times ever but now find myself quite taken with it. My ever-present teggings paired with the black top made for a great casual look for the day’s adventures.

Jean Skirt Rear View

I bought these little black crochet shoes at Walmart a few weeks ago for ten bucks and I find myself wearing them more than anything else. I need to go back and get another pair. These are an 8 and while I usually feel that I have wide feet, these fit so nicely. Actually, I almost considered going down half a size. Definitely worth the ten bucks and they go with nearly anything. I think they also came in a cream color.

Walmart Win

All in all it ended up being a pretty good day with much laughter and snark. He liked the mini terrarium I gave him (and got myself one, too) and it was nice to spend time with one of my favorite people.

Pretty Good

I guess you could say I’m feeling a bit better. I have an interview this afternoon that sounds promising. I don’t think I have it in me to get my hopes up or even get excited just yet, but who knows. I’m just trying to take things one moment at a time and focus on the good stuff for now. I hope you all are doing well. If things are tough know that you’re not alone. seems we’re all going through or dealing with something these days. *Hugs* We’ll get through. 🙂


ETA: If you find those shoes at your local Walmart in a size 8? Grab them for me? I’ll gladly pay you shipping or whathave you. I went to mine today and they were out. They do go up to at least a size 10 for those who think it might be futile, but thus far they are not online.

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