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Summer Entertaining on a Budget


It’s summer and the weather is nice and while the travel bug may bite, most of us can’t afford the soaring costs that  that entails. So what’s a person on a budget to do? Entertain your friends, of course!

We used to have lots of house parties at our place. I loved to pick themes since it’s a great way to maximize your budget while looking like you did or spent a ton! We had a toga party one year (regular old bed sheets are the key for dressing the part) and a tropical party and a pajama party and our friends had an 80’s cartoon party! The themes are seemingly endless and fairly easy to make your pad (even the tiniest) look fab!

For our tropical themed party we put a big fishing net on the table and made a lovely tropical punch (check out recipes: or in a big bowl. We had both an alcoholic and virgin one so guests could choose to imbibe if they felt so inclined while leaving out those all-important designated drivers (always have an option!). Finding the right music mix is so easy now, too with all of the online music resources available today (we didn’t have iTunes yet when we threw our parties…just my mix tapes). Check out other people’s recommended playlists on sites like (can listen to entire songs once for free!!!) and of ocurse iTunes!

Then of course you must entertain your guests! I know, it’s not all tiki mugs and paper umbrellas…you have to DO something, too! But hey, this bargain huntress has got your back! I found a fatastic sale over at (prices do not include shipping). Here’s stuff you and your crew may get a kick out of:

HEADCASE WATER GAMEThe Headcase Water Game $6.79                                                    Yes! It’s what it looks like: you strap a bucket to your head and try to catch water balloons (crumpled paper might be nicer) in the bucket! Fun!

ANSWER ME BUDDHA Answer Me Buddha $9.99                                    Similar to the classic “Magic 8 Ball” you ask the Buddha a question and receive one of twenty responses. Good times!

Pirate Shoot Pirate Shoot! $29.15                                                          Not the cheapest of the bunch, but it does look like fun! Carnival style! Comes with some semi-high tech features like LCD scoreboard and more! Just think how fun this will be when you’re all hopped up on that tropical “punch”?!

HELLO MY NAME IS COASTERSHello My Name Is…coasters! $5.99                                        Not the best price for disposable coasters, but that’s because these aren’t disposable! They’re reusable and therefore a great value! No more mixing up who’s drink belongs to whom…write your name on a coaster and stick your drink on it! Perfecto!

EXECUTIVE SANDBOX - MINI - BEACH BREAKBeach Break Mini Executive Sandbox $6.75                                             Cute mini sandbox to entertain your friends or just as a great decoration!

SWING BALLDesktop Swin Ball $6.79                                                    Again I have to admit that this looks like it’d be more fun when your guests are a little on the buzzed side of things. Just like the teather ball of ye olde playground, this smaller version is great for small spaces and you entertain two people at once!

SNAP-A-PARTY Snap A Party $8.45                                                                      DIY place settings for your guests! Very cool idea! It reminds me of the toys I’d get in the 80’s when you’d have to snap out all of the pieces from the frames. Retro fun for everyone!

StrawzStrawz $8.99                                                                                 I know my friends could think of a few games using these fun “strawz”! Construct your own fun with these fun drinking devices!

FIKI Basketball Fiki Basketball #3.95                                                                Includes a genuine leather basketball for your flickin’ fun! I love the idea of this little tabletop game! Again, I always keep small spaces in mind! I can picture some hot 1 on 1 competition with this little guy at your party!

GLOW BANGLESGlow Bangles $4.45                                                                    So 80’s and so fun! A friend had these at their Halloween party a couple years ago and we had a blast turning off the lights and playing with these fun bangles! (Note: trying to take pictures of glow bangles in the dark is fun, but difficult! Ha-ha!)

DIAGNOSE YOUR NEUROSIS WHEEL O' WISDOM YES, YOU'RE PROBABLY DYING WHEEL O' WISDOMDiagnose Your Nuerosis & Yes, You’re Probably Dying $4.95 & Because nothing says partytime fun like diagnosing your friend’s neurosis and what they’ll die from! These fun spinner style games will break the ice or at least create some hilarious conversations!

Product ImageHamilton Beach Snowman Ice Shaver $24.99                 Just think of all of the drinks you could make with this bad boy on your side! I’m thinking margaritas or even classic sno cones! You could even use this at kid’s birthday parties! I love the value of this super reusable and fun appliance!

So, what’s the point to all of this? You get to have a blast and not kill your budget and not even leave your house! Rad, right?! Sure you could hit the local party store and spend a fortune on balloons and streamers, but in the end you’ll be glad you didn’t! When you can get fun and unique items like these online, why waste the gas?

Like what you see? Have another idea? Did you buy one of these items? Let me know about it by commenting! I’d love to hear your own party tips and tricks for summer time fun!

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“Summer Entertaining on a Budget”

  1. On July 8th, 2009 at 12:29 pm Stephanie Says:

    I love it! The ice shaver seems pretty awesome, and I know a few folks who could use the neurosis wheel. 😉

  2. On July 8th, 2009 at 12:34 pm admin Says:

    I actually have an ice shaver (not the automatic model, sadly) that I haven’t used yet. I even bought the little paper cones and 3 flavor syrups. When our niece gets here this week I’ll be sure to bust it out! =0)

  3. On July 20th, 2009 at 4:09 pm wakkosfriend Says:

    I love those straws.

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