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Subscriptions: From Ipsy to BoxyCharm! (And more!)


I love getting a lil’ surprise in my mailbox each month. It helps break up the monotony of life, I think. Or at least the monotony of bills and junk mail! Ha-ha! My all-time favorite subscription and piece of mail each month is definitely the Feminist Sticker Club (dot com). For $2.50 a month I get an awesome, feminist sticker. I love to slip them under my phone’s clear-soft case so it feels like I have a new case each month. I have tried a couple of other subscription boxes but have since canceled them.

I tried one called Lip Monthly that was, I believe, $12.99 but you got 5 lip products each month. I’m addicted to lip stuff! I canceled because you couldn’t ever choose a color palette or share your preferences. I kept getting things too brown or too orange for my complexion. The other one I tried was How 2 B a redhead. It seemed like just the thing for me, redheaded and all, but alas, it was greatly disappointing and seemed to be geared more towards non-natural redheads. While the box itself seemed a great value, you got a lot of stuff for the price you paid (there were different levels), it just wasn’t for me.

I have subscribed to the Ipsy glam bag for nearly two years. I have a tidy stack of their zipper pouches that have proven to be quite helpful when in need and still cute to look at when left on their own. It was always so fun to get something just for me in the mail each month. I would get excited to open the shiny, hot pink envelope each month. Lately, though, I had started to get a bit bored with what they were sending and even when I did like something, the tiny size was a bit of a downer. So I put my membership on “pause” for a couple of months.

Last month I heard about a similar subscription box, but with full sized beauty products. Curious, I decided to give it a shot and ordered their “FOMO” box, because I had missed the date to be included in the initial April shipment, they sent what was worded like it was leftovers, but what I got was very impressive…

A gorgeous Tarte cosmetics palette in the metallic nudes everyone is gaga for these days. I loved the mermaid theme of the compact itself and the big mirror inside. A fun glitter top coat type lip gloss. “Better than sex” mascara by Too Faced, I’d heard about this stuff for ages! And two gorgeous rose gold toned brushes that feel so luxurious! I was blown away by this first box!

Then just the other day I got my second BoxyCharm box! O-M-Z! More gorgeousness! I am once again beyond impressed and may be hooked! This one included a PUR palette in fun and much needed colors (sorry forgot to get a pic of the inside). A stunner of a highlighter (bottom right). My favorite lip gloss in a color I didn’t have already by Steve Laurent (this is my third now). And 3 makeup brushes that I have already found to be exactly what I was missing from my collection! Just wow!

For $21 this is still a massive bargain, even if I only loved one product! The full size means I no longer need to fiddle with tiny-sample sized eye shadow pots that never seemed to stay shut or won’t open at all. These subscriptions have helped me save so much money, too! How? Well, I am very fond of Walgreen’s and would often “just pop in real quick” and come out $40-$60 later, more than once a month! Ugh! That’s not even mentioning my oft Target visits, no idea what I spend there on this type of thing because it all goes in the cart with everything else. No more! Not only am I not seduced by fancy displays and sales ads, but I’m getting better quality products, too!

Now, there are some things I enjoy greatly, maybe even obsessively, that simply do not come in a subscription. I have been living on tidbits from Trader Joe’s and I refuse to feel an ounce of shame about it. Their prices are sublime and it’s great for my spinster life since most things are not in giant packages. A recent indulgence was their herbed goat cheese log with these Fig & Olive crisps, soooooo good! It feels fancy, even thought it was like $6 total!

And this prosecco from Trader Joe’s is always in my fridge, I promise. I even created my very own signature drink: The Pro-Mosa! Prosecco + Peach Juice = Divine! This prosecco is only $5.99 a bottle at my local TJ’s (yours may differ, of course). I get this and their Dixie Peach juice and it lasts awhile. So tasty, so refreshing! I used to love their Newton’s Folly cider, but it now comes in a can and tastes nasty. Oh well. Pro-Mosa life for me!

What stuff are you into lately? What are you obsessed with or excited about? What am I missing out on? What subscriptions do you enjoy? Tell me! Ha-ha!

Rad Fatty Love to ALL,


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