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S****, everything is easy when you live in a dream world.

As long as you know that you’re dreaming.

You do and you can –
The Universe

I would like to be under worked and over paid! Ha-ha!

I was reading some of my fave blogs and it seems like more and more are getting to review products and services by the company sending them free stuff. I thought about this. My issue? My size alone cuts that possibility down to…I dunno. Just down. Oh sure, I could review beauty products and pretend to be oh-so-girly, but that just isn’t my style. If it was something that fell in line with my own beliefs and passions, maybe! But I would always give an honest review. No matter what.

I have been struggling with eating again. I am doing well with eating a breakfast, not always the greatest on offer, but I manage. It’s lunch that is my current hurdle. It used to be my fave meal of the day. Now? Not so much. I own & operate a cafe and thus am around food and drinks all day long. So when I get hungry, and I do, I can’t figure out what to eat and often just don’t. Ugh!

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