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Solutions (A Catalog)!


So, the other day I got this catalog in the mail that I had never heard of. It was called “Solutions: Products That Make Life Easier!” and it truly does have a lot of neat-o stuff that would help most people organize, clean, etc. around their house/garden, etc. Check ’em out here:

(Enter Coupon Code 13069 for 15% off! in the shopping bag)

I figured this “Solutions” deal was another of those “As Seen On TV” type catalogs, but no (though it did have a few items that have appeared on the telly, but they seem of slightly higher quality than most) it was mostly just cool products that I wanted. Ha-ha! But seriously folks, from rugs and shelf organizers to gadgets and travel helping thingies, this catalog had a lot to offer. I even went through it twice and kept it! (Mega-rare for me, it’s usually straight to the recycling bin!) They even have products for the office and for your pets! Sweet!

Now I tend to get a lot of random catalogs, but I (and you!) can manage which you receive or would like to no longer receive here: A fabulous site that allows you to decide what hits your mailbox! SWEET! I will say that if you choose to no longer receive a specific catalog, you’ll still get the next one, but it should stop after that. Also, if you order something from that company, you’re very likely to start getting their catalogs again. Just an FYI.

I wanted to share with you some of the fabulous products they had that I would personally love to get. But first I would like to show you a product I had thought I invented and was working on a couple of prototypes. Even the description for the item seemed to come straight from my brain, but honestly? I’m just super glad that this quality product is out there to help people like me:

Keep your car neat and organized! Hang your purse, shopping bags and jackets from this mini headrest hanger—they stay off the floor, won’t tip over, and won’t get scuffed or dirty in transit.

<img src= border=0><br> Mini Headrest Hangers <br>Create instant hanging space in the car.

And this is super handy, I am going to have to buy a set of these: This way you can just unscrew the valve cap, fill your tires and screw ’em back on…no worrying about losing them! Remember, properly inflated tires give better gas mileage and more even wear on your tires!

Capsure Tethered Tire Caps<br>No more lost tire valve caps. No more damage from dirt, water and road grime.

An everlasting nail file? Yep! This round, ceramic nail file claims to never really need replacing. Sounds fab! And no worries about taking it on a place (no sharp point):

Lifetime Nail File<br>The last nail file you’ll ever have to buy!

Okay, this one made me laugh, but only because of the picture. I mean, would you really keep a pocket with your “valuables” under your gauzy thin shawl? Ha-ha! But it is a cool idea. I would use it for concerts & clubs, but perhaps the senior centers aren’t as safe as they used to be!

Instant Pocket<br>Keep valuables safe anywhere.

I must admit, these look too good to pass up and I am considering purchasing them right now! Perfect for walking the dog or running to the mailbox or grocery store. These fleece slippers have a durable outsoles so your feet stay comfy and warm even if you’re not lounging around the house!

Warm fleece slippers so comfortable you’ll want to wear them all day!

And possibly my fave item on their website, the Peephole viewer! It allows you to see who’s on the other side of your door without letting on that you’re home at all! So cool! And I just got my first peephole in our new apartment! It’s a little pricey ($129), but if I could afford it I would totally buy this!

<img src= border=0><br> PeepHole Viewer<br>Large screen lets you see who’s there...and it doesn’t reveal  you’re home.

So, what do you think my darling-dears? Do you have a fave gadget? I’d love to hear about it!

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