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So Sore, So Full of Love & Gratitude!


(Funny, I originally typed “Greatitude” which should totally be a thing!)

Wow! What a whirlwind of a week and weekend! Whew! I have been through an emotional roller coaster, once again — I know, and feel as though I’ve finally come out on the other side. *DustsHerselfOff* Yeah, I’m feeling much more grounded now. 😉

I actually had a terrible birthday, but received so many well-wishes online that it’s hard for me to really complain. I mean, I was feeling the virtual love, but IRL? It was a bit hard to find that day. In fact the one person I thought I didn’t want to see ended up being the very person to comfort and distract me from my woes. *Sigh* Life is wonderfully unpredictable that way.

I actually had a bit of a mental breakthrough Wednesday evening that threw me for a loop and a spin. I am still sort of processing it and think I might be ready to seek some sort of free or low-income counseling/therapy. I don’t think I can burden my friends with this particular issue and working through it on my own has been far tougher than I knew it could be and well, yeah, I am ready for help. Money is my biggest issue as I currently have none. But at least I am ready for the help…more than I have ever been.

I was surprised to get contacted by a couple of people on my b-day, both in good and bad ways. It is interesting what a birthday can do, I mean, that people who pretty much hate your guts can still wish you a happy one? Shocking. I was not expecting that at all. I also wasn’t expecting some half-ass shit from family, but wev (thus the breakthrough).

Friday I went out dancing at Full Figured Friday’s “Costumes & Curves” and had such a blast, I wasn’t expecting to dance the night away but I did! I even entered my very first costume contest as Rosie The Riveter, notice the brand new gloves my boss gifted me? Love them! And my lovely friend Kat gifted me a pair of Size Queen booty shorts in this black holographic fabric…to die for! And they fit like a glove! 

I also had a big-ass party at my house on Saturday. Wow! I did not expect to have so much fun while staying mostly sober the whole night. Ha-ha! I wish I had a pic to share of my outfit that night because I felt and looked like a total BAD ASS! Good thing, too, because that was the theme! I wore a lovely red plaid corset from Hips & Curves that I’d gotten for a steal with a coupon code on FB. I toyed with the idea of just wearing it with the booty shorts, but chickened out and went with my black petticoat from that I also got for a steal last year with a coupon code (look those up before you check out, no matter the site). And you know I was wearing my Red Teggings with this, right?! I mean…what would I do without ReDress?! And I wore my Dia de los Muertos Doc Martens because They are my fave!

Image 1Plus-Size Organza Petticoat

I felt and looked fabulous! My friends are all so amazing and gorgeous and smart and sweet and just OMZ!!! Speaking of “OMZ!” I saw a car on the freeway the other night with the license plate “GNL ZOD” and I couldn’t stop smiling…they get me! Ha-ha! Yep, it’s true, I’m a nerd for life! At least I wear it as a badge of honor now!  I can only describe the feeling I got being surrounded by so many of my nearest and dearest as finally feeling like one of the cool kids! Ha-ha!

Thank you to all who wished me well for my birthday! Thank you for reading this blog and thank you for taking the time to comment when you can. You rock my socks! <3

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“So Sore, So Full of Love & Gratitude!”

  1. On October 30th, 2012 at 2:28 am Veronica Says:

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE the picture of you as Rosie The Riveter!!!

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