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I am one of those weirdos who if I tell someone I’m sick, even if it’s a lie, I end up feeling ill. However, the weirdo bit comes when I convince myself I’m not sick or getting sick and attempt to go about my life as usual…never works! I always end up sick! Not that I get sick often, but when I do there just doesn’t seem to be a way to chase it away before it’s too late. My husband used to say aloud or to himself, “this orange juice will make me feel better” and drink a glass and literally feel better! Ugh! Not fair! Ha-ha!

So here I am, in bed on a Friday morning, sick! Boo! I spent yesterday working from home  because I could feel the ick-ness coming on and would rather be home than at work if I’m not feeling well. I was okay for most of the day, slept off and on, supported my immune system as best I could and thought perhaps I’d be okay after all. Maybe, just maybe, I’d succeeded in chasing off the buggies and would be able to enjoy my weekend. NOT! Ha! No, last night I went through the worst of it. The chills, the sweats, the coughing fits…all of it! Blegh!

I just slept for twelve hours and feel better, but not healthy. I feel like myself again mentally, but the coughing is rough. The other stuff is mostly gone and my voice is back, though deeper now. I didn’t even have coffee yesterday! If you know anything at all about me, you know that is abnormal. I had lots of tea and orange juice and EmergenC and water, but no coffee. So now I’m having a big iced soy white mocha and some Tylenol cold meds B dropped by and I’m hopeful.

Last night when I got up to use the restroom I was downright delirious! I couldn’t see straight and felt weak and dizzy. Damned fever! I’m so glad to over that part. I hadn’t felt that lousy in ages. My friends have all been so kind and supportive, too. Offering to go to the store for me or anything else I could possibly want. But I’m stubborn and because B got sick first I was able to stock up on what I’d need. Yay for forethought!

One thing I’ve done very differently this time around is to keep eating. I used to just eat when I felt too weak or whatever if I was sick. Bad move! Now I know better (and knowing is half the battle), and I bought fruit and chicken soup and a baguette and other comforting and nutritious things to help me fight this beast of a cold. I may not have won yet, but I certainly feel better than I would have had I not. I feel like I am caring for myself better and reaping the benefits of that. Woo!

Please take care of you! You are no good to anyone if you’re not taking care of your own needs. We must support each other and love and care for each other. But please be mindful of how you are feeling each day. That is something I have begun to do. It started by asking my friend how she was feeling everyday after some medical stuff. Then I began to ask other friends and eventually myself. It really helped me to understand the why part as well as how I could make myself feel better. It’s not foolproof, and I’ll be the first to call myself a fool, but it helps. <3

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  1. On May 18th, 2012 at 12:06 pm Twistie Says:

    (sends homemade soup and warm snuggles)

    Feel better soon, sweetie.

  2. On May 18th, 2012 at 12:34 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Twistie: thanks, you’re a doll! <3

  3. On May 21st, 2012 at 7:34 am Jery Says:

    Why is it that the stupid cough is always the hanger-on!?? Argh! I don’t know why, but chicken soup always seems to taste AMAZING when I’m sick. Like I will never eat another thing as long as I live, it’s so good. Then I get better and want a giant burger! hahaha. I hope you feel better.

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