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Sick Of The Status Quo (Go Golda!)


Not sure about you, but I sure as hell am sick and tired of the “status quo” and all of their supposed quo-ness! Ha! If you haven’t heard about Golda Poretsky’s tele-classes, well, you’re in for some good stuff!

I first found Golda’s blog over at and signed up for a free tele-class with the topic “Feel sexy at any size.” I found it quite informative and fantastic for those who haven’t been around teh fat-o-sphere for very long or who are struggling with their body acceptance. I was quite happy to be in the class, however, even though it wasn’t something I was struggling with at the time (because Maude knows we all struggle from time to time).

Now Golda has assembled a group of amazing women who are at the forefront of the revolution for a free tele-summit! They will explore everything from plus size fashion to bigger bodies in art and the science of Health At Every Size. And the people she has lined up? Well, I am just in awe and cannot wait for this to begin! You can view the schedule and guests here. You can register here. I registered and am so excited!

I think that this will be quite an important event for the fat-o-sphere. I’ll do my best to recap the day after each call for those who are unable to attend, but I’m sure Golda will also have recordings available after as well. I would love to hear from anyone else on the calls, too. Perhaps the day after each one I’ll post some thoughts and topics and we can get to discussing in comments…sound good?

Please do consider registering, it’s free and for sure you’ll learn something from these amazing, revolutionary women!

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“Sick Of The Status Quo (Go Golda!)”

  1. On January 12th, 2011 at 7:41 pm Golda Says:

    Hey, girl! Thanks for sharing this on your site. I’m so glad you’ll be there.

  2. On January 12th, 2011 at 7:44 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    I wouldn’t think of missing it!

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