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Sarah’s Confessional…


So, I woke up feeling like crap yesterday and wanted to hide myself away from the world…so I made a video about it! Ha-ha! This was supposed to be up yesterday, but technology just wasn’t my friend and so after way too much time spent on it, I give you two unedited videos instead of the one glorious one I’d hoped for. Oh well. Thanks for watching…Rad Fatty Love to you all!

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“Sarah’s Confessional…”

  1. On January 19th, 2013 at 12:53 am Jan Says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’ve wanted to comment for some time, so I thought I’d take this opportunity on an older post.
    I came to your site kind of sideways. I was trying to conquer my own issues (varied, many), which led to feminist sites, which led to Body Acceptance, HAES, Kate Harding, Marianne Kirby, and eventually the Fatosphere feed and so to you.
    I’m not fat myself and, though I’ve gotten SO much inspiration from Fat Acceptance bloggers, I never comment ’cause I don’t really feel it’s my place.
    But I just wanted to say I admire you so much, and you’ve unwittingly helped me through the last year in so many weird ways.
    We’re almost exactly the same age (I know from your birthday posts). Not too long after your separation, I ended a relationship of five years. I know this sounds ludicrous, but when the prospect of being alone seemed utterly overwhelming, I thought, “Well, Sarah did it. She struck out on her own. And it wasn’t easy or perfect but is IS possible.”
    I have a job where I’m often complemented on being brave. But you, YOU’RE brave. You survived abuse, you ran your own business, and you always seem to follow your heart and live on your own terms. I hope you realize how rare and extraordinary that is.
    I guess I just wanted you to know that, even all the way over here in Brooklyn, you are read and valued and, as much as Internet strangers can be to one another, understood.

  2. On January 19th, 2013 at 8:34 am Not Blue at All Says:

    Jan: Thank you so much! Thank you for deciding to comment today, regardless of which post. And thank you for reading his blog and for being you! This blog, and I would hope any body acceptance blog, has no size requirements, all are welcome to read, comment and enjoy in any way they see fit. There are actually many friends and fans of this blog that are not fat. I realize this may seem like an obstacle, but we all deal with similar struggles in life I think. I don’t think what I do or have done is so daring or brave, but I will admit that my willingness to work through it and write about it here is a bit unusual. Ha-ha! I am so glad that you’ve chosen to take control of your life and live it in such a way as to honor yourself. Go YOU! 2012, whew?! Ha-ha! I can’t believe it’s 2013 and yet I’m so relieved and excited that it is. Do you feel the same? I’d love to hear about you’ve been through and I’m always looking for writing pals, so please, if you’re comfortable with it, email me! 🙂 And if you ever find yourself heading out west, hit me up, I’d love to give you a big fat hug! <3 Take care of you, doll! ~S

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