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Right now anything is possible.


What’s been surprisingly difficult for me these past couple of weeks is having so many friends, acquaintances, blog readers and others tell me how awesome I am and that things will get better and to just have faith in myself. I’m not really complaining about this, mind you, only that I have lost faith, but not entirely in myself. More, I’ve lost faith in what is good in this world.

I’m finding my way out of my pit of despair that I’ve been residing in lately and while I’m still feeling tentative about most things, I know I’m not a failure. I know that I don’t “fail at life” as I proclaimed last week. Yeah, I can be melodramatic…sue me! (Good luck with that if ya do! 😉 ) I know, deep down, what I have accomplished, survived, overcome and bounced back from. The major difference is that this time I’m on my own, completely.

So…that is scary! I know it’s what I wanted, I know this. Knowing does not change how it feels lately. It feels so heavy that it threatens to suck me down and back into “the abyss” (I’m just going to call my epic sadness and endless tango with depression “the abyss” from now on, cool? Cool.). I found myself once again filled with self hate and shame all alone in my room last week. In retrospect this frightens me as I did not think it possible, but I also understand how comforting those old familiar feelings were. *Sigh*

When I was feeling my worst I reached out, but to the wrong people, I see that now. I hid myself away from my nearest and dearest and chose to reach out to those who wouldn’t or couldn’t comfort or console me. I don’t know why, but I think I was afraid of being called a fraud or ungrateful or worse. Yes, it seems ridiculous now. And why did I think it was a good idea to reach out to someone worse off than myself in many ways? Ugh! I was not in a position to help or support them and they weren’t for me, either.

I’m feeling much better overall, yet the clock of my impending unemployed status is ticking loudly. As my final day approaches my anxiety rises and this is where panic lives. I am breathing through it all and doing my best to stay in the present moment. Right now I am okay. Right now anything is possible. Am I back to my bubbly-optimistic self? Eh, not so much. But I’m feeling more grounded and that’s something.

Thank you to those who have offered support, love and encouragement. I know things will  get better somehow, they have to.

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“Right now anything is possible.”

  1. On May 15th, 2013 at 1:24 pm Alena Says:

    We are all on our own, and in that you’re not alone! I’ve been thinking about you lately, knowing that your current job is coming to a close. I don’t know what the future holds, but I can say, you will never be destitute – not if I can help it! Ultimately, you’re creative, can make anything work, and the abyss will not get the better of you – I know that much. Proceed with pride in your abilities and accomplishments! And if you expereinece a momentary loss of faith, I (and many of your other friends, I’m sure) are here – in whatever way you need. Use us! Ask us! We are resources!

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