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Recovering from my weekend


It is Monday morning as I write this and most every muscle and joint in my body is sore. My head is foggy and even my morning coffee ain’t doing the trick today. I had what you might call a too-much-fun weekend. Whew! I partied and hung out with friends and played many a game of pool and danced and danced and danced! I cannot believe how many laughs, drinks and songs I danced to! But it was so very worth it!

I am still navigating the socially acceptable forms of turning down an invite and accepting others and finding that groove where it’s totally okay and chill to meet new people. It seems the moment I accept an invite that another and yes sometimes even more attractive one come my way, but first come first serve, I say. I love getting to see so many awesome people in one action-packed weekend. My head is still buzzing from it all!

Friday night I hung out with some fellow music geeks and played pool, drank cider and talked about music all damn night and it was awesome! Saturday J & I hit our local BBW club and danced the night away. Sadly, I drank way too much that night and consider myself beyond lucky and mega-grateful to B for taking care of me. Sunday night I had a standing date with my bffs and we hung out and played pool at our favorite local dive bar. $3 Cape Cods and 75 cents for a game of billiards? You just cannot go wrong!

Now here I am, facing a week of work and cat sitting and little else. Thank the stars! I don’t think I have much energy for anything else. Ha-ha! There is a bit of sadness playing in the background of my soundtrack this week though. My bff J is traveling and I will miss her terribly. Next week another friend is going away and won’t be back until September or so. How is time moving so quickly this year? I know it’s not just me!

So I have to keep myself entertained the next few weeks and hope to keep my wits about me at the same time. I will see if I can’t establish some sort of self-care item each day and perhaps even document it somehow. Woo! I will definitely be stepping away from any drinking this week as surely my poor liver and stomach cannot handle another drop. Three nights in a row of drunk and disorderly conduct? Yup. Paying the price for it, but damn it was fun!

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“Recovering from my weekend”

  1. On July 11th, 2012 at 3:05 pm J Says:

    I love drunk and disorderly conduct!!! It should be done as often as possible. Had a awesome time on Saturday…will miss you and the dancing while traveling!!!

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