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Because Random is just what I do best, I offer you some fun tidbits and buzz-worthy notables!

Playgrounds for the Elderly? Yes, please! And can we get lots of those in the US, too?

Article here:

After watching a recent episode of “The Simpsons” where Lisa buys a Wii for the senior facility where Grampa lives and all of the old folks actually get movin’ and have a blast (until a  nurse “acidentally” put it in the dishwasher because the residents became too active and demanding), I thought more senior centers and senior care facilities should have a Wii. But a playground? RAD!!!

Save Money! Seriously, y’all know I am a bargain huntress and general penny-pincher, but this article offers some tips I had long forgotten about (hey, when things become 2nd nature you forget they exist!):

Buy Generics! Use Internet Coupons! Increase your deductible on your Insurance! Stop buying Bottled Water! All things I have done and have seen the savings, personally! Check it out and hey, if you see something cool, let me know!!!

M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Last Airbender”: the buzz is building on this one! I’m a long time fan of the Oscar nominated director and after seeing a trailer I knew I had to see this film based on the popular kids animated series “Avatar.” An effects and action driven adventure that is certainly a step in a different direction for Shyamalan, but definitely one I am very excited to be seeing.

7979 NW 21st ST.
DORAL, FL 33122-1616
United States

When you’re down, is blue really the color you associate with you mood?|main|dl3|link3|

Most found that gray was their preferred shade when down in the dumps. What mood are you in? (see link above)

Is your Toyota being recalled? Well, you may get more than just repairs when you bring in your vehicle…you may even get a Manicure?Sweet!|main|dl3|link6|

Leave the the Energy drinks alone and check out some new Relaxation bevvies:|main|dl5|link5|

With ingredients such as melatonin and chamomile, it sounds like it would be worth a try when you need to catch some Z’s!

Plus size model search is on for Re/Dress (Brooklyn, NY). Those under a size 18 need not apply (Woot!):|main|dl5|link6|

Sick of that nasty moldy loofah? Try “Fuzzy Soap!”|main|dl6|link6|

It sounds rad, unless you have an allergy to wool like me. Oh well…they look cool!

Looking for a cheap way to have fun with your fave feline?Just dig out yoru recyclables and check out this article for tips to no-dough fun!|main|dl8|link5|

Did I leave something out, darlings? Let me know what it is you’re looking for! I will do my best to provide! =0)


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