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Such a loaded word!
I’ve been hearing it a lot lately, too.
KPFA’s Hard Knock Radio mentions it quite a bit.
The Fatcast Two Whole Cakes had an episode dedicated to language and another about differences, both mention it.
Then talking to a customer who is fund raising for his own foundation to help women in China who are faced with 34 million single-horny men. He mentions these mega-millionaires he talks to in order to get his foundation off the ground…I mention how I could never speak to those people without fists flying and screams wailing out of my face.
Another customer mentions some fund raising effort by some woman who started a web site to pay off her enormous debt. People donate $1 or so at a time and she pays off her debt. The customer says how wonderful that the people who can help do help and all is well. And all I can think is what privileged piece of work racks up tons of debt by living outside her means (I am told this; it’s not medical bills and such) and people flock to help her? WTF?! That is some heavy god damned privilege!
I see it everyday: privilege
I drive home on Highway 280 surrounded by it.
And I come home to it.
I am privileged.
You are privileged.
Having access to all of the things we take for granted every day, that is some serious privilege.
Yet people drive around in $100,000 cars and act as though they are entitled to so much more in this world: privilege!
We live life through this lens not truly realizing what the unprivileged life must be like.
Do we even stop to consider or ponder? No, we’re privileged.
We are so self-absorbed as a society. We are all so very very privileged.
I know that by being white in America that I am privileged.
No matter the descrimination I get because of my size or because of how I dress or what have you, I am still quite privileged.
People assume that because I Have my own business that I must have money, until they see the holes in my clothes! Ha-ha!
I have changed my lifestyle so dramatically over the last few years and while it amazes me, I know how very privileged I am, still!
I’m not complaining, I’m not admonishing and I’m not preaching…I am simply acknowledging the privilege everywhere.

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