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Poverty: Then & Now


I’ve been watching a lot of the 70’s television show “Good Times” lately. Not only does it bring back a lot of childhood memories, but it also reminds me that while times “they are a changin'”, they don’t really change that much!

An economic crisis occurred in the 70’s, too if you recall. There are several mentions of this in the family sit-com “Good Times.” I was at first confused by the “Oh! Wow! There’s meat in tonight’s stew? What’s the occasion?” remarks, but then they specify in other episodes how much things cost and how they always cost more in “the ghetto.”

Of course I don’t remember grocery shopping as a child or how much specific things may have cost, but I do remember time bing tough and my family really only being able to afford ground beef (or chuck) for most meals. And how the rent went up every year despite the fact that my father’s wages rarely did.

This article sort of points out what I’d been thinking/remembering: 

Today’s economic climate is no different than those tough times in the 1970’s! With fewer options America’s poor have fewer choices. Even those not yet at or below the poverty line still face decisions like medical insurance versus a car payment or electric bill. And with medical costs what they are today it’s no wonder more and more decide to pay for other necessities instead. And if someone without insurance (and even some with) need emergency treatment? Well, they are quickly welcomed into debt, poverty and even tougher decisions.

I’m not pointing this out to depress you or even to call the masses into action. I just wanted to remind everyone reading this that things do change for the most part, but when you’re poor it is a higher price you pay than those not much better off. You may not even know that your best friend, neighbor, etc are poor. It’s not something we discuss in social situations. Many Americans were struggling to “keep up with the Jones'” a year ago are now simply trying to keep up with living each day. 

Please be mindful, not wasteful. You do not realize the priveledges we all have in our daily lives. Try not to take them for granted. Thank you.

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