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Pour l’amour d’hommes (For the love of men)


I know that I tend to write about more lady related topics, but that’s so not fair! I am all about equality and this bargain huntress won’t let the men down, believe me! So guys, here’s a quickie guide to ! Please, don’t be afraid to venture into the unknown. There is an entire world of crafty peeps out there waiting to work with you to create something truly legend -wait for it- ary!

From custom leather goods to personalized stationary or t-shirts, Etsy is the place for all things custom and personalized (yes, even license plate frames)! It’s what I love most about it. You can order dog tags or cuff links with your name or any other info on it. And please, don’t fear being judged! I have made some strange requests of sellers on Etsy and have never had anyone so much as blink an eye at it! So dive on in! The crafty waters are perfect! (Got a gag gift in mind? Post in the “Alchemy” section and let sellers bid for your project or contact a seller directly!)

I would say that the neatest thing I’ve found on Etsy is the personal care (aka: health and beaty) items. From organic to vegan and fragrance free (my husband won’t buy the fragranced stuff) you can find or request anything your heart or your body desires! Even custom undies!!! Yes, you can get Fight Club soap to show off to your friends/guests! You can get all things liquor/beer related from soaps to artwork. The sky is the limit!

Keychains? Yep! Shaving soap refill? Uh-huh! Macho bracelets/necklaces? Oh yeah! If you can dream it then there is someone out there willing and able to make it for you (depending on the project and your budget). Halloween stuff, too! I even found fridge magnets that look like real bacon! Sweet! And baked goods, too! Yeah, too lazy to bake for yourself or go to the store? Buy some goodies on Etsy! You can taste your way around the world! From jams to cookies and lollipops and cake…custom blended teas and coffees…did I mention the sky is the limit? Yeah, ’cause it is!

And clothes? You can get custom made garments for the same price you’d pay for ready to wear stuff in the store! Ridiculous-cool! Hunter S. Thompson passport cover? You got it! Giant Bruce Lee wall decal? Sure! It’s all in how you work the keyword search. See, all the stuff below I slapped into my fave list for your viewing and linking pleasure. And there’s so much more than what you see here! Check out more of my manly faves: (only the first 5-6 pages are for men). All I did was type in “for men” into the keyword search box at the top of the homepage and sorted by price (or you can set other parameters and click on categories, too) and went window shopping!

So, check it out, give it a shot and tell me what you think! Thanks fellas! =0)

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