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Portland Ho!!!


We made it to Portland in one piece and without incident. What a journey! I was so lucky and grateful that my BFF wanted to drive up and for the first time I got to sit back and enjoy the view. And what a view it is!!! Northern California is gorgeous! I’ve always been the driver previously, so this was a real treat. It was so great to catch up with her and laugh about the old days, too. By the time we arrived we couldn’t stop laughing; giddy with exhaustion.

"Is this a pose?"



We decided to stop for lunch at a rest stop somewhere…couldn’t tell you where exactly, but I wanted to snap a pic of each of us with the neat shadows from the slats around the picnic area. Well, I thought it was cool. While we both dressed for comfort, I think “Q” gets the style points today. I mean?! Blue suede boots and a matching blue paisley corduroy skirt?! Not fair! Ha-ha! But later when I told her to take a deep breath she said, “I can’t! My skirt is choking me!” out of context that sounds weird, but I assure you it was the funniest thing I’d heard all day at the time!

Mount Shasta from Hwy 5

"So tiny! It must be documented!"

I’d forgotten about “Q’s” tiny watch until after our dinner stop. Then I realized I’d made a big deal out of it’s tininess many years ago and, well, apparently I still couldn’t get over that shit and had to snap a pic with a quarter…for scale! I friggin’ love this little thing! And it is actually legible, in person.

Okay, enough silliness for one day. I’ll hopefully have more to share soon, but if I disappear for a bit, know that I’m happily lost in Fatlandia! 😉

Rad Fatty Love to you ALL!

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