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Podcast-The Clothes: Part Three


This is round Three!
(Check out the first two here:
And here:
My beloved Raven and I sat down to talk about clothing companies for us fatties.
This time, we talk about smaller clothing companies!

Episode Guide: Sarah doesn’t know the name of Raven’s blog
A brief talk about Sarah’s Lane Bryant Pants and Raven’s older KikGirl skirt
Chubby Cartwheels (mermaid leggings!!!) Men’s fashion, Masculine fashion
We talk about having plus size clothes manufactured
Diane Kennedy
Domino Dollhouse With mention of the brands they carry
pinup girl clothing
This is an on going series.
We hope to also cover plus size mens clothing, undies and bras, and whatever else our readers can come up with.
Want to add something? Have a brand you would like us to talk about? Some company you want us to try out?
Just want to shoot the shit or whatever, please Let us know what you think!

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