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Pic-Filled Update Post Part 2 (Whoa Selfies!)


I used to really struggle with having my picture taken. I would hide or scowl or whatever I could to avoid it. On my journey to self acceptance I took it upon myself to get over that shit. I started by doing really bland and generic outfit posts for the Fatshionista group back in the old LiveJournal days. Then one day I thought about what it was I hated or was truly afraid of and started to take as many pictures of myself as I could in all manner of odd positions and funny faces I could manage. Soon I found myself liking my funny or odd pics more than posed ones and just like that I started to want my pic taken! I’m not saying it was overnight or easy but it was worth it! No more hiding!

I think it’s valuable to take selfies, even if you don’t share them. I find sharing them can be a bit scary at first and so I often just send them to my bffs instead of posting online. I love it! Most folks only see one side of me, so selfies are a chance for me to be silly or whatever. I highly encourage folks to go bananas with the selfies. You can delete what you want to and keep what you like. You can share when you’re comfortable doing so and keep some for special occasions like when you want to cheer yourself up. This one is particularly hilarious to me…



My bff sent me some amazing lip, eye and nail colors for my “not your birthday but just glad you exist” day.
I had just come down with a cold and so I sent her this pic with one of the lip colors.

IMG_20151128_180644My saving grace the last six days. Uggghhhh!
IMG_20151128_160637Before I got sick, I cut my thumb wide open Thanksgiving evening on a broken bottle in the dark.
This is my bandaged thumb two days later when I finally accepted that I had in fact come down with a cold. Boo!

IMG_20151124_191727This is my bed nook. It’s like built in, hard to explain.
I wanted to add some color to my little studio and maybe had too much fun with that.
Cloth shower curtains from amazon with paper chain and tissue pom poms from Daiso!
received_10153171919246078So simple, so fun, so colorful, so cheap! <3

1448057005763I had a certificate for DSW and wanted something slip-on but also versatile (casual and dressy). I decided on these but my personal shoe committee (Mychii, Tigress and my beloved Raven!) decided for me that I should get the blue…and so I did!
They are Aerosoles and so comfy! No breaking in needed. I couldn’t be happier!
IMG_20151116_023521I couldn’t get a full outfit pic, but this was from a plus size/bbw goth night in San Francisco “Club Bodice” at the Stud Bar, it was a tribute to Tom Waits night. There’s going to be another one February 21st with a Phantom of the Opera theme.
You should come and keep me company on the dance floor: Club Bodice’s Facebook Page
But here’s the dress I wore, which I have on other occasions, such as NYE ’12 & ’13:

737826_10151178200056078_937184291_oYou can get it at ChicStar. I highly recommend getting their crinoline, too!
I always wear it with this dress and others and it’s so affordable.
IMG_20151115_122102Another weird seflie, another great lip color!
(Dress behind me is Eshakti! Ha!)
IMG_20151113_221728 IMG_20151113_221227 My DIY pop art manicure! Mychii sent me the decals pack and I coordinated with fun nail colors.
Ohmigosh I love Rimmel’s 60 second quick dry nail colors!1447207003215_1698246124_bdde4d4cI rarely leave my hair down completely. Also no makeup. Also zero fucks given, apparently! Ha-ha!

image_20151203_150401_474528895583My outfit for Thanksgiving!
I got the dress on clearance at Torrid and the pink sweater duster from a previous Torrid visit.
The dress is too long but works when I walk if I wear my boots, but I should probs have it hemmed.

So, that’s me, all up to date and shit. I’d love to do some guest posts here so please let me know if you’d like to write or post something here ( Should I bring back the “Fats in Winter Wear” posts? I’d love to have more discussions here or on this blog’s Facebook page. What’s on your mind these days? What’s troubling you? What are you excited about? Let me know in comments or at the email addy above.

Rad Fatty Love,

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