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Pic-Filled Update Post Part 1


I kept meaning to post an update with a ton of pics from Halloween through Thanksgiving, but a lot has happened in the last month and well, Life! So, here it is and I hope you enjoy!


My birthday was shit, but here’s what I wore:
RebDolls long tank dress in black with Torrid pink sweater duster.


My DIY Halloween Costume “Cookie Monster” at Full Figure Entertainment’s Costumes & Curves night.
This year I discovered that a solid color dress can work for a number of costume ideas!
This one was a clear winner. An old Eshakti dress that I also have in Red. Everyone just loved it.


Tigress as Ursula and I having cosmos at Asia SF!
We came, we drank, we danced and we always kick ass!!!


I did end up getting a bit too fancy with my hairdo for Cookie Monster…

But it took almost no time to do and the result was fun!

Fun swirly hairs + alll the chub! Win!

My puggo, the gentlman, on Halloween

I still have a couple more patches to sew onto my Torrid cropped denim jacket, but so far I love it!
(Fat Babe here & Don’t tell me to smile here – I added the lace myself.)

He really hates having his picture taken…but he’s so cute!

 I really love this outfit!


Dress and sweater from Torrid, dress was clearance, also Teggings (my personal lord and savior) from
And my new boots are Bare Trapps from DSW that I got for a steal and LOVE!!!

I’ll do another post full of pics for part two so stay tuned! I hope you’re doing well and hanging in there. Things have been overwhelming for everyone lately, it seems. Hugs to you and yours!

Rad Fatty Love,

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