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“Obesity” Is Trending?


My homepage is Yahoo the first thing I see when I log on is that “obesity” is trending…and my heart sinks. One of those kind of mornings, eh? Alright, let’s do this… I did not and refuse to read the comments sections on these articles, I will leave that choice up to you.

*Trigger Warning for various forms of fat hate or just misrepresentation of facts*

The first one I noticed was from the Obesity Action Council about the launch of a new campaign called “Bias Busters.” That actually did intrigue me so I read the article. And I went to the OAC website. And it’s left me as cold as the morning air…they see “obesity” as a disease, “rising health epidemic in our country.” WTF?! Gah! NO! I do appreciate the effort, whatever that may be – though it seems it’s just an awareness/newsletter campaign, but to frame it this way only perpetuates the fucking stigma, guys!!! Way to miss the mark…COMEPLETELY!!!

Then I see this gem of a headline, “Moving out of high-poverty areas may lower obesity, diabetes risk.” *HeadDesk* So, wait…if I move out of my poor neighborhood into let’s say some magical land of milk and honey, I won’t be fat? How does this work exactly? Oh of course, no one fucking knows!!! It’s all a giant guess. Seriously, read the article, it’s a big friggin’ guess. I get that they are trying to say that access to healthier foods, an environment more conducive to exercise, less stress…these of course would improve anyone’s health. We all know how stress affects our bodies, let alone our minds. This is all just malarkey, if I must say so. But they do make a connection, “Oftentimes, research really focuses on people’s decisions, and what they do wrong, and how they are at fault, essentially, for being obese or having a disease or a poor diet,” says Blanchard, who was not involved in the study. “This provides evidence that it’s not just the individual’s decisions, but…also the environment — the neighborhood — that really does matter.”

As a long time subscriber and lover of BUST magazine, I was especially bummed out by their piece “Fat” Fashion Bloggers or Just Fashion Bloggers?”  Um, what? Really? Because I think it’s absolutely necessary! I do not read fashion blogs that do not feature women MY SIZE! Why? Because if I see someone wearing an item of clothing I fall in love with, I know I may be able to buy it. If I were to sink myself into a self-torture mode, then yeah, I would read more fashion blogs in general. I used to enjoy, oh what’s her name, but then she said some fat hating shit…that’s the other reason I don’t read straight sized fashion blogs, body hate, yo! I don’t hang with that shit and neither should you! “I don’t quite understand using size as a defining characteristic when it comes to style.” I understand using my size as a defining character because if I don’t the world will do it for me. The department stores will do it for me. The asshole in a truck driving down the street while I’m out walking my dog who decides to yell hate at me will define it for me. I would prefer to define myself for myself, thank you!

Obesity program targets kids under age 5” Dude, I feel so much sadness and anger over the kids in North and South Carolina, it seems once news got out that they had fat kids, the world keeps fucking with them. Ugh! They are now trying to “combat childhood obesity in young children through increased outdoor activity, better nutrition and parent education” Sometimes it does seem that no one truly understands a damned thing anymore…I mean, read a book people! You’re paid all of this money to help the children, but can’t even be fucking bothered to do some actual research on the subject? Case in point: “We want to keep up with the times and we understand there is an obesity problem and it’s caused by bad choices with food. If we can start the children off younger with good choices it will help” Yes, because infants and toddlers just love their endless stream of junk food. Ugh! Misguided, for sure. I just…I am sick of these self-appointed saints and martyrs for a “cause” that doesn’t fucking exist!

Now this one I quite like, but I would, because I adore Nigella Lawson: Lord Lawson: Tackle the economy not obesity “There is a genetic element you can’t do anything about and the rest is about eating less and drinking less and if the government were more concerned about doing something about the economy, where it does have responsibilities, and less about obesity that might be sensible.” Yep, gotta say, I agree with him on this. Well, except not all fat people over eat or binge drink, but the heart of his message is good: “Indeed, may I suggest it is not something the government can do at all.

Mexico Tackles Epidemic of Childhood Obesity They want school children to enroll in a public weight loss program. However, “three-quarters of Mexico City’s 2,400 public schools don’t have playgrounds or gyms for exercise. And 80 percent of the schools don’t have water fountains. Experts stress the importance of drinking more water and fewer sugary drinks to prevent and reverse weight gain.” Seems a simple thing and preferable over a public weight loss, read: stigma inducing bullshit, campaign. Just my opinion.

Your thoughts? Rants? Lay it on me!


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““Obesity” Is Trending?”

  1. On October 20th, 2011 at 12:20 pm Ashley Says:

    I think assholes are primarily concerned with obesity and body size because they think it is costing our country money, money that they are losing. I think they are hoping that by ridding obesity that healthcare costs will go down, but they are probably screwing themselves over even more because of what it’s going to take for all these anti obesity campaigns.

    Having that said, body size shouldn’t be the focus. Health should be. Forget body size. It’s true that people in America aren’t eating properly or getting enough physical activity, generally speaking. I think that should be a priority, not trying to make everyone slimmer.

  2. On October 20th, 2011 at 12:27 pm Not Blue at All Says:

    Ashley: I completely agree. If health was truly the focus and not a socially acceptable body size? I don’t think the stigmas and hype would be what it is now.

  3. On October 20th, 2011 at 7:00 pm Regina530 Says:

    My 11 year old daughter came home today with a newsletter from the gym teacher! The very first ever newsletter, I might add. I flinched when I saw it because I knew it was going to be some kind of body policing/exercise guilting letter to “get the word out that we care about your kid’s health!” (lord, pleez! As if!).
    It turned out to be pretty much what I thought. Gym teacher let’s parents know what the kids are doing in p.e. (which I don’t have a problem with). Then, on the back of the letter has a calendar with “30 days of moving and healthy eating!!!”. Gah! Some of the suggestions for things you can do together as a family include: 3 minutes of jumping jacks! Go swimming! Taking a bike ride! Hula hooping! Playing catch! Eating a new vegetable at dinner! Having a meat-free meal! Take a two hour walk on Halloween! Playing hopscotch! And on and on….
    Again…ASSumptions galore! And not a thought as to whether or not it is safe, affordable, or possible. 🙁

  4. On October 21st, 2011 at 9:57 am Not Blue at All Says:

    Regina530: And that is precisely one of the many reasons why I fear having a child of my own one day. My husband and I wouldn’t exactly be quiet about things like this. And my being an activist already, well, I’d probably get arrested sooner or later for speaking up or demonstrating or something. We’d probably have to home school. Ha-ha…not such a bad thing, but you make a great point about access. Thank you so much for sharing this here.

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